There’s a formula to happiness, and it’s easier than you might think

Break yourself free from your conditioned existence, says ‘accidental guru’ Jake Tyson. Happiness starts by changing your thought process. 

For nearly 40 years, I lived a conditioned life. The judgements of rights and wrongs we inherit from parents and society can leave us with programmed thoughts that aren’t even ours. The mind is like a never-ending horse race and you’re the only one racing against yourself. Four years ago, one fateful day on top of a cliff, my life was forever changed, and it was there that I found the true meaning of happiness.

The funny thing is, it was never lost. I was just looking everywhere else for it. No different to looking tirelessly for your car keys or sunglasses only to realise, “Hey, they were in my hand or on my head the whole time.”

Every day no matter what, I start with 30 minutes to myself. Longer if possible, and I end it the same way. No technology. I focus on breathing, meditating, and inner calmness. I don’t fit meditating into my day, I fit my day into meditating. The importance of stopping, breathing and focusing thought instills such clarity and peace and needs to be taught in our schools.

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What creates our happiness?

Thought. Our thoughts are as real as the wind. Add a spoken word to that and they can become unstoppable. Whether we are conscious of it or not. One of the leading causes of high blood pressure and heart disease is stress. What is stress? Stress is our thought on how we perceive our environment around us.

So, if we want to be happy, we must start with ourselves. We must remember that everything is just a moment in time. An experience that creates another. Without different moments, there is no experience. My true happiness comes from listening to my soul and knowing my connection to the universe. To everyone. Being grateful for anyone who comes across my path. Whether they play a big role or small, without them there is no experience.

Everything and everyone is a sign for us to grow and experience, but if we are moving too fast chasing the next thing to be happy, we miss its beauty. True happiness comes when we stop. When we enjoy a moment for what it is at that very second.

You see, it’s great to be spiritual or go to church, but if you then walk around for the rest of the day kicking people in the nuts, (figuratively speaking) you may be missing the point.

If we want to change anything, we need to change our own thoughts. Here’s how.


Forgive anyone who may have hurt you in the past. If it doesn’t feel good, we must let it go. I know that may sound very hard for some, but once we let something go it no longer has a hold on us. It can longer survive.

Focus on you

Don’t worry about what other people are doing.

Be present

Don’t get offended. Be conscious when others are talking to you. The minute someone talks to you they are an open book to how they perceive their world around them. Do they need a hug or a kind word?

It’s what’s inside

Listen to your soul. This is our direct connection to the universe or god… whatever you want to call it.

Take pause

By just stopping for five minutes, it can change your life forever. Any answer you want to know lies inside you. You don’t need anyone else’s opinion. But you must ask yourself for the answer and feel the emotion: “Will this/does this make me feel good?”

Remember, everyone is just doing the best they “know” how. No different to a two-year-old that doesn’t know their time’s tables, but we don’t give up on them. Never give up on yourself or others.

Be yourself whoever that may be. Sometimes all we must do is unlearn what we think we know to open a world of love and happiness. Yep, there is a god, it’s you, you, and you.

Jake Tyson is the author of An Accidental Guru: A Universal Guide to Happy in Layman’s Terms and climbed Mt. Everest as part of a documentary The Accidental Guru, You.