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Where are all the MAFS All-Star cast members now?

The entire cast of Married At First Sight’s 2021 All-Star Special has been revealed. So, who’s in a relationship? Who’s still single? And who’s just looking for drama? We did all the stalking so you don’t have to.

Earlier this week it was leaked a Married At First Sight All-Stars reunion is in the works to kick off 2021 with a bang.

According to The Wash, Channel Nine’s special will air before the new MAFS season kicks off in late January 2021. It will essentially involve the most chaotic cast members from the last seven seasons coming together for a massive drama-filled dinner party.

Rumoured MAFS All-Stars Special cast

The rumoured reunion is expected to include the following still-single stars:

  • Jessika Power
  • Ines Basic
  • Dean Wells
  • Cyrell Paule
  • Sam Ball
  • Tracey Jewel
  • Mike Gunner
  • Patrick Miller
  • Charlene Perera
  • Cheryl Maitland
  • Nasser Sultan

There are also rumours successful couples Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr, and Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli will also be joining in on the fun.

From still living the life of a frivolous single to officially tying the knot, here’s where all the MAFS All-Stars cast members are now.

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Where all the MAFS All-Stars cast members are now?

Jessika Power

Still single, the blonde Gold Coaster has attracted quite the following on Instagram with 216k followers. She uses her social platforms to promote products and post racy photos.

Ines Basic

Ines is an ambassador for Charity Bosnian Kids and also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of all sorts, ranging from beauty tips to recipes. She is also still single.

Dean Wells

Dean Wells made a name for himself as MAFS’ most controversial groom when he cheated on his TV wife Tracey Jewel, with Davina Rankin. Since then, he’s gone on to star on Dancing With The Stars (but unfortunately was the first contestant to be eliminated). In early 2020, Wells told Now To Love that he and Tracey are on good terms.

“I got some really nice messages from Tracey today. We still keep in touch. She is really supportive,” he told the publication.

Cyrell Paule

Famously known as Cyclone Cyrell, the 31-year-old exited the show and dated Love Island star Eden Dally. The couple endured a turbulent relationship and split in October 2019. However, they reconciled in December after Cyrell announced she was pregnant with Eden’s baby. The couple refollowed each other on social media and reinstated previously-archived posts.

The couple welcomed their baby boy in February 2020. Although their child was unplanned, Cyrell shared a sweet message to their child on Instagram, writing, “You are a surprise and never a mistake, a gift that we were blessed with and the angel that will teach us the next chapter of our lives.”

Sam Ball

Sam become one of the most controversial MAFS characters when he cheated on his wife Elizabeth Sobinoff with fellow contestant Ines Basic. He is now an actor and represented by Sydney-based management company THE.mgmt. From his socials, it looks like he’s still single so let’s see what happens when he sits down with Ines for dinner at the reunion.

Tracey Jewel

After Tracey and Dean Wells went their separate ways at the Final Vows, Tracey revealed she was dating MAFS groom Sean Thomson at the Reunion Dinner Party. However, this relationship only lasted a few months before she reunited with her Year 11 boyfriend Nathan Constable, in October 2018.

The two have recently announced they’re expecting their first child together.

“We’re having a baby! We are so happy to share our beautiful news with everyone. I have always believed in second chances and my second baby I’ve been waiting so long for…” Tracey wrote on Instagram.

The 37-year-old already has a 10-year-old daughter Grace, from a previous relationship.

“My daughter Grace is going to be an amazing big sister and I’m so so grateful to be experiencing pregnancy + motherhood again with my love Nate.”

Mike Gunner

After ending his relationship with MAFS bride Heidi Latcham, Mike entered a relationship with truck driver Jessica Williamson. The couple were captured kissing and hugging on a beach. However, according to his Instagram, it looks like that relationship also came to an end.

Mike has now taken a career turn and become a hairline tattoo artist.

Patrick Miller

While Patrick made it to the end of the show with bride Charlene Perera, things didn’t last long once the cameras stopped rolling. There were even reports Patrick ghosted his wife. However, it wasn’t long before Charlene revealed the real reason they decided to break up: “We were at very different stages.”

Looking at his Instagram, it seems as though she’s still single and spends his time chilling with friends. He’s also started acting and appeared in an X-rated music video for Australian singers, Xposed Xotics.

Charlene Perera

From observing her Instagram, it looks as though Charlene is still single. It’ll be interesting to see if Patrick and Charlene are able to rekindle their relationship at the All-Stars reunion!

Cheryl Maitland

Cheryl confirmed her relationship with plumber Dean Gibbs in an Instagram post.

“And then there was you [heart emoji]”, Cheryl captioned a sweet snap of her kissing her new beau whilst on a romantic picnic.

And it turns out that nearly three years on and Cheryl and Dean are still happily in love.

Nasser Sultan

In the most recent news, Nasser has decided to quit the All-Stars Special after an explosive clash with Cyrell Paule.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Nasser said the former MAFS stars started to turn on him after things became heated between him and Cyrell.

Nasser claims the argument ascended when Cyrelle demanded an apology from him for “trolling her baby” while she was pregnant.

“She wanted me to me to apologise. She said I’m a troll. That I trolled her when she was pregnant. Which there’s no way I did,” Nasser told the publication.

This was truly love at first sight when Jules and Cam laid eyes on each other at the MAFS alter.

The couple officially tied the knot in November 2019 and then they went on to welcome their first child together Oliver Chase, on October 4, 2020.

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli

Martha and Michael, who are both from Melbourne, moved to Sydney’s Bondi last year where they now live together.

Michael has quit his teaching job and now runs an online fitness business, Tru Fit By Michael. Marth has become a beauty and lifestyle influencer, gaining over 354k followers on Instagram.

Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr

The couple from MAFS Season 2 have managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight and rarely post about their romance on social media. However, Erin recently took to Instagram to confirm she was still very much in love with her MAFS boyfriend.

“Happy 5 year anniversary,” Erin posted on her Instagram Stories next to a snap of the pair showing Bryce kissing her on the cheek.