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Your October 2020 horoscope is here

Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares your monthly horoscope for every star sign, for October 2020. 

La Luna graces your sign when she is full, bringing clearer insight into hidden matters. Suddenly, you’ll see things and people as they are, warts and all. Someone close may think they’ve gotten away with a little white lie, but their confidence comes to a swift end once you uncover the truth. How you deal with the indiscretion is up to you but insisting on transparency from this point on is paramount – you deserve nothing less than complete honesty. Careerwise, it’s good news for Rams ready to roll up their sleeves. Powerhouse Pluto abandons its retrograde and is back in full force in your professional zone. You’ve got the edge when it comes to talking your superiors around to your way of thinking, provided you come up with the goods. Make sure you’re fully prepared before launching your proposal.

Your love life is spotlighted this month, and thanks to glamorous Venus Bulls can expect a boost in the romance department from 3rd October. Singles connect with a calming person in a natural setting, so get out and about in the fresh air. A stroll through the park or a beachside cycle will do the trick. You won’t need to try too hard, because your pheromones are firing on all cylinders, attracting the right types. Bulls blissed out in coupledom are also encouraged to get out amongst nature, which is where your connection truly thrives in October. Got a problem to sort out? Start a conversation during a fun outdoor activity, and you’ll soon reach a mutually satisfying decision. After 23rd October, the Sun brings a promising business proposition to your attention. You have a knack for turning fantastic ideas into dollars, Taurus. Teaming up with an inspiring partner is a smart move, even just as a side hustle.

This month, you’re inspired to become part of something bigger and more meaningful. Yet, while it’s commendable to help humanity or volunteer for a cause close to your heart, ensure that your own backyard is attended to first. It pays to check on an elderly relative or a neglected friend that needs support but is too ashamed to ask for it. Once you’ve taken care of your inner circle, Jupiter and Neptune help you make a difference on a larger scale, so have faith in yourself. Aim to implement new schemes before 14th October, when Mercury, your planetary ruler, goes retrograde. If you’re unable to take action before then hold off for a while. It’s best to stick to the planning phase of new projects until Mercury happily hums along again, next month. By month’s end, Venus sweetens your love zone with a thoughtful, romantic gesture.

On 2nd October, the full Moon highlights professional matters. Hard working Crabs witness the fruits of their labour beginning to emerge. Career ambitions start to blossom – don’t give up just before you reach the finish line! You may need to double down in the final stages, but giving your project a few more breaths of life before you’re out of puff, will be well worth it. On the other hand, stubborn Crabs that have buried their heads in the sand may have to start from scratch. Progress is still possible, but you’ll be kicking yourself for not having taken the bull by the horns a little earlier. Whatever you do, don’t waste time complaining. Bite the bullet and get on with it. Pluto’s positive shift rejigs your relationship, especially those struggling to be heard. October sees your needs met with greater respect and understanding.

October’s new Moon brings news that you’d be wise to keep up your sleeve. Later, you can share what you know but now is not the right time. La Luna asks how you can better serve your friends, family or society. What can you do to improve the lives of others? No matter how small your act of charity or kindness, you’ll gain an enormous sense of satisfaction when you give generously. Buy groceries for someone in need, check in on a friend going through a tough time, or simply give a loved one an extra big hug. These types of heart-felt actions rock your world in October. Venus rewards you with a lucrative opportunity to grow your money tree. Consider collaborating with a sensible female to elevate your brand, if you’re a small business owner. Someone with their feet on the ground and their head in the clouds offers the best of both worlds. Practical guidance alongside lofty ambition is where success is at.

Venus spreads her loving vibes when she enters your sign at the start of the month. You and your sweetheart are on the same page, so relationship glitches can be smoothed over without too much fuss. Singles attract interest like bees to honey. Make sure your online presence enhances your best qualities. Ask yourself, what makes you different and then shamelessly showcase these attributes. Expect to glow bright, as you look and feel on top of your game. Before the month is over schedule your regular beauty treatments. October is also a great time to try out a new look. Still, err on the side of caution. It’s best not to attempt anything too radical, but you can go places you haven’t gone before when it comes to your appearance. By month’s end, Mercury’s retrograde demands that you address your spending habits. It’s time to reign in what’s gotten out of hand, Virgo.

October welcomes its new Moon in your sign, marking the only Libra new Moon in 2020. If ever there was a time to start from scratch, this is it! Most likely, you already know where you’d welcome a fresh start, so feel free to get moving in that direction on or before 17th October. Don’t know where to begin? La Luna’s blessings are incredibly potent when it comes to your physical body. Efforts directed towards how you look and function will be well rewarded this month. Focus your attention on only one thing to increase your chance of success. Put simply, concentrate on either improving your diet, amping up your fitness or toning one particular body part. That way, you’ll be more likely to achieve your goal. The Sun lights up money matters, bringing a side hustle into focus. Entrepreneurial Librans have much to gain by setting up multiple sources of income. Remember, many small pennies add up to big dollars.

Happy birthday Scorpio! The Sun enters your sign from 23rd October, beginning a brand new solar cycle. All fresh starts are like blank pages waiting to be written on, and this solar year is no exception. It makes sense then, to contemplate what it is you truly want to achieve during the next twelve months. Still, think of your solar journey as a marathon and not a sprint. That way, you can pace yourself and avoid burning out before reaching your goals. Mental preparation has the added bonus of preventing you from becoming unwittingly distracted. Have your plans firmly set in your mind’s eye (or write them down on that blank piece of paper). Pluto’s clash with Mars causes disruption to your daily routine. Prepare plan B, just in case. Make de-stressing a priority in October – your nervous system and digestion will thank you.

What are your dreams trying to tell you? Pay special attention to the subliminal messages that are bubbling up. Rather than attempting to make sense out of reappearing signs and symbols, focus on how they make you feel. In your dreams, are you feeling insecure, overwhelmed or blissed out? Doing this will help you pinpoint the issues that need addressing in your everyday life. Poor dream recall can mean that you’re low in B vitamins, particularly vitamin B6. Check that your diet contains plenty of whole grains, dark leafy veggies and legumes which assist in correcting these deficiencies. Venus targets your friendship zone as you enjoy a social boom. This month, look forward to some lovely new connections with like-minded women. Why not gather a small group together with a particular purpose in mind? That way, you’ll encourage and support each other while achieving your personal aims.

You’re all about taking your time to meet the high standards you set for yourself, so why are you rushing? Blame this sense of urgency on Mars’ retrograde. Yet, pushing forward when the timing is wrong will do you no good. Instead, bide your time and strike when the iron’s hot. If you have to ask when that is, wait. Soon enough, your time will come, Capricorn. The full Moon creates a bubble of bliss in your own home, which is where you’re most comfortable in October. A celebration, happy occasion or fun interaction is due by mid-month. Venus’ dance with Jupiter inspires togetherness, as you mark an important milestone. Count your blessings, because then, you’ll attract more of the same. The law of attraction serves you well if you put its principles to work. An important point to remember when manifesting is that it’s your feelings that evoke your desires. Don’t just think it – you have to feel the feels too.

Mischievous Mercury retrogrades three or four times a year, and this month the trickster planet reverses through your career sector. Forewarned is forearmed, so use your astro know-how to avoid work errors and misunderstandings. You can do this by double checking the finer details. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s, Aquarius. If legal documents or contracts must be signed, make sure you’re crystal clear on all the terms and conditions. Above all, back up your computer and phone if they’re not already synced to iCloud. Venus eases sexual tension when she seduces your intimacy sphere on 3rd October. Spice things up in the bedroom with a secret fantasy you’ve always wanted to explore. Erotic mental foreplay really turns you on, so try sexting or dirty talk. If you’re planning on releasing your wild side, don’t forget to agree on a safe word. Pluto’s shift sets aside time to relax. Unwind with herbal teas, reading and quiet contemplation.

Jupiter’s kiss with Neptune looks beyond the veil in search of greater meaning. Reading gives you answers, either in an online article or a forgotten book that’s been tucked away. Find your passion purpose with a group or organisation that connects you with like-minded souls. You’ll gain satisfaction when collaborating together. A work opportunity, acquaintance or friend with mutual interests is likely to lead the way, so be open to suggestions. October’s full Moon highlights money matters. It’s time to open your eyes to what you’d rather not accept. Yes, you may have to tighten your purse strings, but doing so creates greater financial freedom down the track. When it comes to new purchases, if you don’t love it or need it, don’t be tempted to splurge. Romance is on the agenda for couples, thanks to gorgeous Venus’ slide into your relationship sector. Light candles, write your sweetheart a love note, and if that fails, get out your lacy lingerie.

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