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10 Best Blenders For Smoothies To Buy In Australia

Looking for a smoothie maker but not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up some of the best blenders money can buy.

Summer is in the air, and our minds have collectively turned to all of the warm weather staples: trips to the beach, days spent by the pool, and icy cold drinks to be sipped on all day long.

And when it comes to making those icy drinks all too easily, there’s no appliance better than a blender. From smoothies to milkshakes and iced coffees to cocktails, a blender can blitz up all manners of ingredients in seconds so you can sip on delicious drinks all year round.

With so many options out there – like Vitamix, Nutribullet, Ninja and more – it can be tricky to know which machine to invest in. So, we’ve found some of the best blenders on offer, whether you’re buying one for Christmas, a birthday, or just for fun.

This highly-rated blender from cult fave brand Ninja won’t set you back too much, but it’ll still pack a punch of 900-watt power. The Ninja Pro Extractor Blades can crush through ice, frozen fruit, seeds, skin and stems for the smoothest of smoothies, and it comes with 500mL and 650mL to-go cups with Sip & Seal lids. There’s even a 30-recipe inspiration guide to get your creative juices flowing.

Buy the Nutri Ninja Nutrient Extractor here

This personal-sized Nutribullet won’t take up a crazy amount of space on your benchtop, but it still gets the job done super efficiently. The extra-tall blending cup can still fit in a jumbo-sized juice for you to enjoy, and the powerful 600-watt base is combined with Cyclonic Action extractor blades to break down the toughest of ingredients.

Buy the NutriBullet 600W 5-Piece Blender Set here

Looking for a budget-friendly blender that’s still a decent size? This one has a 1.5L glass jug with a lid to fit in smoothies for the whole household – and it’s up to the job with its 700 watts of power. There’s a safety interlock system and non-slip feet to avoid any accidents, as well as stainless steel ice-crushing blades to effortlessly crush, blend, crumb and puree ingredients.

Buy the Russell Hobbs Classic Blender here

Aside from having the best name of any blender (we love a pun), Breville’s The Fresh and Furious is a reasonably-priced benchtop blender that can make easy work of all your kitchen tasks – from blending and crushing to chopping and aerating. The heavy duty blades are engineered to stay sharper for longer, plus they’re contoured to hug the bottom of the jug and catch every stray bit of food.

Buy the Breville The Fresh and Furious here

For those who are really stuck for space, a portable blender is the way to go. Not only is it a convenient size that won’t dominate your benchtop, it actually is good to go wherever you’re game to take it – on holidays, to the office, to your friends’ place for Friday night drinks … the opportunities are endless. It’s USB rechargeable and has a 140-watt base and is perfect for tasty drinks on the go.

Buy the Sansai Portable Blender here

Vitamix blenders may be a little pricier, but they hit all of the “best blender” lists for a reason. This is one of their cheaper models, but it still packs in a 2HP motor (that’s horsepower – equivalent to a whopping 1491 watts), as well as ten variable speeds to allow you to create the exact texture you desire. As one reviewer said, “It is very powerful, I think you could grind up a car if need be with it”.

Buy the Vitamix 1.4L Explorian Series E310 Blender here

This Magic Bullet is a little blender with big possibilities. It can chop, dice, grate, grind, blend and juice with ease, has 200 watts of power, and has a dishwasher-safe cup. Simple, but effective.

Buy the Nutribullet Magic Bullet To Go Blender here

Breville’s The Super Q is a commercial grade blender designed for the home kitchen. It has a huge 1800 watt motor and blitzes all your goods at up to 300km/h speeds. The noise suppression technology means you won’t deafen everyone nearby, and the intelligent base optimises performance to the size of your cup. Plus, this bundle comes with Breville’s Vac Q, which removes air from the jug to create smoother textures and brighter colours, for the most appealing and delicious smoothies, soups, purees and more.

Buy the Breville The Super Q and Vac Q Bundle Blender here

With 1500 watts of professional performance strength to pulverise ice, frozen ingredients, nuts, seeds and more, the Ninja Blender Duo is up to the toughest of smoothie jobs. The Auto-iQ programs offer one-touch intelligence that combines unique timed, pulsing, blending and pausing patterns to do the work for you. Along with the 1500-watt machine, you get two different blades, a 2.1L blender pitcher, a 900mL cup, a 650mL cup, a 500mL cup and three Sip & Seal lids. Pretty great value, in our eyes!

Buy the Ninja Blender Duo w/ Auto-iQ 1500W here

Another popular portable blender for those with minimal space or the desire for smoothies on the go, the Vitamer comes in three cute colours and is BPA free. You can charge it up when not in use then take wherever you need – the gym, a picnic, the beach… yep, the opportunities are still endless.

Buy the Vitamer Portable Blender here

Are glass or plastic blenders better?

Glass is generally more scratch and stain-resistant, however most blenders with plastic cups or jugs are made from strong, durable plastic that is designed to be long-lasting. Plastic blenders that are BPA-free are an added bonus, as they’re free from potentially dodgy chemicals.

How many watts is a good blender?

It depends on the size of the blender. For large countertop varieties designed to fit litres of liquid, you’ll probably want at least 500 watts of power. For smaller varieties – like Nutribullets and portable blenders – you can get away with a lower wattage since you’re not blending as much.

How do I choose a blender?

There are a few practical factors to consider that will help to narrow down your options. How big is your household – will you be the only one using the machine, or is it smoothies all round? Do you have the countertop and storage space for a large model, or do you need a space-saving option? Consider what you’ll be using the blender for, too – just smoothies? Maybe purees? Soups? More wild culinary creations? All of these questions can help you decide the size, style and features you’ll need from your blender.

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