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Attention vegans! There’s now a plant-based condensed mylk for all your baking needs

Baking is one of those activities where milk and egg alternatives have been tricky to navigate. As plant-based diets become more mainstream, though, vegan products are becoming more plentiful.

Some of life’s yummiest, old-school sweet treats involve condensed milk. Caramel slice, rum balls…that’s all that I can think of off the top of my head actually, but you get the idea.

For too long, recipes for these delectable baked goods have mostly alienated the vegan community but huzzah, no more, Nestlé has heard you.

Based on rice and oat flour, this new Plant Based Condensed Milk Alternative makes it easy for those who opt for a plant-based diet to create their favourite baked goods, like brownies, choc chip cookies, and raspberry cheesecake.

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“We know some people struggle to find the right ingredients to replicate even the simplest of dairy-free recipes, so we’re excited to see home bakers use this new product as an easy solution for their sweet creations,” Nestlé Business Manager Anna Stewart said.

“With at-home baking and plant-based diets on the rise across the country, we are excited to introduce a tasty alternative to sweetened condensed milk for Aussies who enjoy a sweet treat as much as a plant-based diet.”

Nestlé’s Plant Based Condensed Milk Alternative will be available nationally from most major supermarkets from this month.

It’s an addition to the brand’s increased vegan offering, which last year added vegan Milo to the roster.

It tastes mostly the same, but it actually has a stronger more pronounced cacao taste and 30 percent less added sugar.

While the vegan population in Australia is estimated to be about two percent, or 500,000, more Aussies are shifting towards this lifestyle. 10 million of us are eating less red meat, while almost 2.5 million Australians are all or mostly vegetarian.