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‘If you have to order takeaway sometimes, so be it’

“Sometimes I think I have everything together and then in two seconds I’m a mess”. Entrepreneur and Yummy Mummies reality TV star Lorinska Merrington gets real about the highs and lows of parenting, and her top tip for any new mums. 

Lorinska Merrington is a mum-of-two, model, and co-founder of the BUB pregnancy app. Needless to say, she’s got a lot on her hands and while it may look like she has it together all the time, she’s just like every other mum.

She spoke to Body+Soul about how she always makes time for her daughters, why it’s important you and your partner still make time for each other, and admits that sometimes “you have to lower your expectations, get on the floor and play with Playdough, and if that means you have to order takeaway, you just do it.”

Body+Soul: You’re a brand ambassador for Biostime Nutrition. How important is following a healthy diet when it comes to fuelling your family?

Lorinska Merrington: My daughter Penelope can be a fussy eater, so every morning she has a smoothie that has the Biostime Nutrition Premium Organic Toddler Milk Drink in it. It has vitamins and minerals, so I know if I make her a banana smoothie with that, anything she eats on top is a bonus.

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Do you follow any food rules yourself?

My number-one rule is to never go shopping on an empty stomach and I also shop online. By eating lunch beforehand, I don’t give into any cravings or impulsive buys, and when I shop online I’m not as tempted…. I have my moments where I sneak to the cupboard and have a few nibbles of chocolate, but I’m mindful. When you eat healthy, you feel good and you want to replenish your body with good fuel.

Last year you took a selfie while pumping breastmilk in your Logies gown. Why is normalising motherhood so important to you?

Every mother deserves to feel empowered and confident throughout this journey. As soon as you think about getting pregnant, you’re faced with obstacles. I got pregnant so easily with Penelope, and then I suffered a miscarriage before having Florence… You’re confronted with things you don’t necessarily think you’ll be confronted with. One day it’s beautiful and the next it’s messy, so it would be remiss of me to say it’s perfect. Yes, I was at the Logies, which is a glamorous event, but it doesn’t mean my motherhood journey just stops.

Across two seasons of TV series Yummy Mummies, we saw that you have a close group of friends. How important is it for new mothers to have a support system?

Knowing that you can text someone at your lowest moment or having a friend who can listen without asking questions makes motherhood so much easier. Let people know you’re exhausted, feeling lonely or don’t have it together, otherwise you’ll become a vacuum. You don’t want to suck everything up and not get rid of it, because that’s when you get bogged down and break. You need girlfriends to witness the good and the bad.

What advice do you have for new mums?

Give parenting your best crack, but know that sometimes things will fall by the wayside. Sometimes I think I have everything together and then in two seconds I’m a mess.

The best thing you can give your child is a safe and loving environment, so take it day by day, sometimes second by second. I love being a mum, I don’t know when to stop having children – but I’m happy to give the dirty nappies to someone else!