2020 got you feeling overwhelmed? Try just 8 minutes of yoga

If 2020 has you feeling anxious, you’re certainly not alone. But this super quick, easy yoga sequence is perfect for those short on both time and nerves. 

Whether it’s about the pandemic, climate change, a certain president of a certain country, or just 2020 in general (because, same), most people would agree this has been an overwhelming and incredibly stressful year, and we all know how damaging chronic stress can be to our physical and mental states.

If life is feeling like too much and you only have eight minutes, this super quick yoga routine might help, all thanks to yoga instructor and Flow Athletic co-founder Kate Kendall. You don’t even need a mat if you don’t have one and these are easy moves for all experience levels.

Kate says you can do just one sequence per side or do a few rounds in what she likes to call a “moving meditation”.

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She highly recommends rounding out the sequence with a meditation in a restorative pose (like cross-legged) to “seal the deal and go into the rest of your day feeling awesome, present, breath-aware and body aware,” she says.

“It’s a nice little sequence for digestion, immunity, for keeping your systems in check, so just make sure you’re breathing all the way through it.”

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