6 best Pilates moves to ease bloating

Feeling tired, sluggish or bloated? This 30-minute at-home Pilates workout will help you feel so much better. 

Pilates is designed to move the whole body and focuses on working the little muscles as well as the larger muscles, leaving you feeling energised and invigorated.

Pilates allows movement at your own pace, encouraging your body to really connect with the movement, find areas of weakness and grow a stronger body.

If you’re feeling bloated or heavy, allowing your body a chance to move slowly but with purpose, rotating and opening through the mid body is going to make you feel better.

This workout is largely stretching based and will take around 30-minutes.

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6 best Pilates exercise to ease bloating

Exercise 1a and b

Start by coming on to all fours. Rounding and softening through the spine. Moving your hips and pelvis naturally, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this for around 30 seconds, or until you start to feel warmer and ready for the workout.

Then move on by placing the back of one hand against your back. Rotate towards that elbow, opening and twisting through the torso. Breathe out through your mouth as you rotate around. Repeat 3-4 reps x on each side.

Exercise 2

Lying on your back, breathe in through the nose and then as you exhale through the mouth flatten your back into the mat. Start to lift up your tailbone rolling up the spine one vertebrae at a time. As you lift-up, keep the head and neck long on the mat, press the hips high at the top and squeeze through your glutes and the back of your legs.

Complete 10 reps.

Exercise 3

Single leg stretch. Pulling one knee in towards the chest, send the other leg long and straight. Chin is lifting towards the chest, ribs are drawing towards the hips, and as you complete this exercise try and stay up for as long as you can for a great ab burn.

Then move straight into crisscross. Hands come behind the head; rotate the torso towards the bent leg, as you send the other leg long and straight. Twist through the mid spine, imagining your body is a washcloth being wrung out.

Doing these two exercises together will not only give you a great ab workout, it will also give you great rotation and twist through the mid body, helping to relieve bloating and sluggishness. Try and do a minute on each exercise.

Exercise 4

Lying on your stomach, extend one arm long along the mat. Bending the opposite leg at the knee, press the foot into the hand, causing the side of the body to lift slightly. Stretching through the bent leg, opening the hip and coming into some nice back extension. Opening up through the shoulders.

Complete 3 reps on each side.

Have a small rest in Childs pose. Then complete the full version, bending both legs up at the knees, catching the feet in the hands.

Hold the full rock for 20-30 seconds. If you are able to rock slightly forward and back then keep this slow and controlled.

Exercise 5

On a high knee, Wrap one arm underneath and lift one arm over the top, bending through the side of the body. Keep the top shoulder back and open. Try and fill the lungs as much as you can and exhale out slowly and steadily. Complete 3 on each side.

Exercise 6

On a high knee, with your hands behind your head twist the body from one side to the next. Rotating through the rib cage and exhaling out slowly as you do. Complete three twists around try and get a little further every time. Complete 3 on each side.

This workout was created by Jaime Lake-O’Dea, founder and lead trainer of The Spring Collective. Jaime has also created TSC On Demand – a living room-friendly online portal delivering Pilates workouts. For more information, head here or follow The Spring Collective on Instagram @thespringcollectivepilates.