Allbirds launches sustainable clothing (including t-shirts made from crab shells!)

Champions of sustainability and ethical sourcing, start-up brand Allbirds first won us over with their wool sneakers. Now they’re bringing a clothing line to the mix. 

While it may be the buzzword of fashion right now, few brands can claim the level of investment Allbirds have made into sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

In addition to their cult-status merino wool sneakers (perhaps the most comfortable shoes in existence), the brand has now added a clothing line made from some truly innovative fabrics, including the discarded shells from marine life.

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The TrinoXO Tee might look like your classic short sleeve t-shirt, but the chitosan from these shells “has unique capabilities, allowing your clothes to stay fresh longer without relying on extractive materials”.

Less washes equals less water, energy, and fewer chemicals polluting the already fragile ocean.

Also in the range is oversized knitwear spun with ethically sourced merino wool from New Zealand, and a puffer jacket using wool and recycled polyester instead of traditional down. Just as insulating, more kind on the environment.

From the start, we knew our vision of evolved environmentalism was broader than just shoes,” Allbirds said in a press release.

“As the chasm between disposable fast fashion and utilitarian basics has grown the fashion industry has clung to the same outdated methods that continue to drive excessive carbon emissions, soil depletion and synthetic waste … Allbirds apparel not only feels better, performs better and looks better, it’s also better for the planet.”

It’s an entirely new category for the brand, which burst onto the scene with their now-iconic woollen sneakers in 2018. You can check out the full collection of apparel here.

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