Best Black Friday Sales on Activewear, Sneakers & Fitness Gear for 2020

We searched high and low to find you the best activewear deals on tights, sneakers and more, from brands like Nike, Adidas, PE Nation, Nimble Activewear, and Lululemon this Black Friday 2020.

If you’re in a long-term relationship with exercise (or perhaps in a more on-again, off-again situation like me), you’ll know just how important it is to have a good kit of workout gear at your fingertips.

From sports bras and leggings to sneakers and fitness accessories, there’s a huge variety of activewear that you’ll need (or want) to kick your training up a notch and give you a bit more inspiration to actually do your workout – because if you look good while doing it, chances are you’ll feel good too.

That said, activewear doesn’t always come with the cheapest price tag – that is, unless it’s Black Friday, one of the biggest sale periods of the year in Australia and around the world. We’ve done the research to predict the top deals on offer this Black Friday to save you hundreds on sneakers, tights, headphones and more.

When is Black Friday?

As it’s a sale that takes place on the day after Thanksgiving in America (traditionally held on the fourth Thursday of November), Black Friday falls on different dates every year.

In 2020, it’ll be on Friday, November 27.

What activewear deals should you look out for?

If you’re after cheap activewear, you’ll be in luck on Black Friday – because there’s always plenty of fitness-related deals on offer from some of the biggest activewear brands, both local and international.

This year’s specific sales haven’t been announced yet, but check back here soon and we’ll give you the lowdown on all the best deals you’ll want to know about as soon as we hear them.

Until then, tide yourself over with tales of sales gone by. In past years, deals have included 30 percent off at The Iconic, 40 percent off sitewide at New Balance, 30 percent off at Under Armour, 30 percent off at Everlast, 40 percent off sitewide at B.O.D by Rachael Finch, 70 percent off at Gymshark and many more.

This year, you can absolutely look forward to more of the same – we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

What tights and leggings deals to look out for

Tights or leggings might just be THE workout staple that you’re going to need multiple pairs of – full length options for winter, bike shorts for summer, and a few other fun pairs for every month in between. Stock up on tights this Black Friday and you’ll be set for the year to come.

Based on previous years, you’re likely to see the best deals on tights at Gymshark, Lululemon, Lorna Jane, Nike, Echt, Alo Yoga, and The Iconic (where you’ll find brands like PE Nation, The Upside, and Nimble Activewear).

What sneaker deals to look out for

Get a new pair of kicks for a fraction of the price to add a newfound spring to your step. Good quality shoes don’t always come cheap, except for during the Black Friday sales – so make the most of the discounts available and replace those sneakers you’ve worn to death!

Going off of previous offers, we reckon the best sneaker sales will be on offer at Nike, Adidas, Reebok, JD Sports, and New Balance.

What sports bra deals to look out for

Everyone needs a little support, and having the right sports bra will take you workout wear to the next level of comfort by keeping everything securely in place. Grab one (or a few) this Black Friday while they’re cheap.

Based on past deals, we think you’ll find the best discounts on sports bras and crops at Lorna Jane, The Iconic, Bonds, Under Armour, Alo Yoga, and Catch.

What fitness accessories deals to look out for

Whether it’s some wireless headphones, a yoga mat, resistance bands or even some wearable weights, fitness accessories can really help you step up your workout. They may not be as essential as a sports bra or tights, but they can definitely help out with making your run, yoga sesh or at-home Pilates practice that little bit more satisfying. Buy ’em when they’re on sale so you can save big!

If you’re after wireless headphones, definitely check out the upcoming Black Friday deals at Catch (for brands like Beats and Apple), The Good Guys, and JBL. Look out for deals from The Iconic, who stock plenty of yoga mats, fitness trackers, resistance bands and other tools. For fitness trackers (like Fitbit and Garmin), hit up Catch and Bing Lee.

Where can I find good cheap workout clothes?

If you’re looking for cheap workout clothes, the best choice is to shop the Black Friday deals that most of your fave brands will get involved with. But if you’re after cheap activewear year-round, there are a few sites that offer good quality gear at affordable prices.

Number one Australian online retailer Catch offers a wide range of brands at discounted prices – check out their Nike, Adidas, 2XU and ASICS sections, as well as their general activewear category to see what’s on offer.

They might not seem like the most obvious choice, but Best&Less also offer very affordable activewear. Plus, Cotton On is a great, affordable option with lots of variety and on-trend styles. You can also always check out The Iconic’s ongoing sports sale section, which is constantly being updated with new offers.

Do Gymshark do Black Friday?

Yep, cult fave Gymshark does participate in Black Friday sales. In past years, their “Blackout” Black Friday sales have included up to 70 percent off select items, so it’s definitely worth looking into!

Before the official sale launches, be sure to browse Gymshark’s popular leggings, crop tops, and even swimwear so you can get an idea of what you’ll want to get your hands on as soon as the prices drop.

Are Black Friday deals worth it?

They might seem a bit intense, but especially when you participate in the online deals, you’ll find that Black Friday is absolutely worth it. I mean, why buy all your must-haves at full price any other time of the year, when you could stock up on just about everything you need while they’re being discounted by up to 70 percent? To really make Black Friday worth your while, do your research and read up on the best offers in advance so you can get in quick before the top picks sell out.

Speaking of research, we rounded up the best Nike Black Friday deals. And for more on the sale, here’s everything you need to know about Black Friday this year.

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