Best Leggings for Pilates 2020: Alo High-Waist Legging Review

Alo tights have been hailed as the most flattering and most comfy leggings you can own, here we road test the cult favourite and prove they are the best tights for Pilates lovers.

I have a confession. I, like most people, love mooching about in leggings. But I actually don’t always find tights that comfy.

Sure, they give you more movement than a pair of jeans but I often found something a little off with the fit. I felt I was forever pulling them up in Pilates classes and that they were a little too snug around my thighs.

I’d tried lots of different brands and was resigned to this discovery. I happily continued on with life tweaking my tights every now and then. I mean adjusting your pants occasionally kinda pales in comparison to a global pandemic.

That was until a pair of Alo leggings landed on my desk.

High-waist Embody Leggings in Oxblood to be precise. Made from “lifting, smoothing, second-skin Airlift fabric”. Say what!? I had to investigate.

Since lockdown my workout of choice has been virtual Pilates and barre classes that I do in the lounge room as soon as I wake up. Which is great but also means my uniform has been a lazy combo of pj pants and old crop tops.

Day one of the “lifting, smoothing, second-skin Airlift fabric” experiment I jumped out of bed, slipped on the tights and instantly felt in the mood to workout. You don’t realise how much “looking the part” actually helps your motivation, especially after five months of oversized sweatpants.

The fit

Firstly, the fit is insanely flattering. They do what they say on the tin; sculpt and smooth. There are a pair of tights you want to plank in then hit a cafe and do a lap of the block just to show them off.

They didn’t give me a miracle booty lift (shame), but I did appreciate how the fabric hides any VPL – making them more acceptable to wear outside the (home) studio.

As a tall woman, I also love the generous length. They hit below my ankles, which almost never happens, giving my legs a nice elongated shape. The fact they sit mid tummy is also a massive drawcard for a mum who’s stomach has been stretched by two kids.

While many claim the brand is true to size, I reckon you could actually go down a size. I opted for a small (I’m normally a bigger 8 / smaller 10) but found these to be a little roomy. So if you want super tight, embrace a smaller fit.

The best tights for Pilates

After a short mirror detour (a girl’s gotta check out her new wares), I did a 45-minutes intense Pilates session. The thing I noticed was that I didn’t notice anything.

I didn’t get distracted by picking wedgies or adjusting the elastic band between reps – the tights worked just like a second skin.

They gave me the range to do my movements without me feeling restricted or exposed (yep, no plumber’s crack).

Now I found myself reaching for them every morning – even when I don’t workout. And if they are in the wash, it’s a sad, sad day.

I also find myself talking about them to friends. You know something is good when you find ways to bring it up in conversation (or pitch a 500 word article on it to your editor).

You can get the tight online either individually or in a set. They retail for $164 approx and come in oxblood, black and lavender smoke.

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