Burn 300 calories in 30-minutes with this high-intensity boxing workout

Sculpt and tone your entire body with this short 30-minute workout that’ll torch calories by the second.

So you only have 30-minutes to workout but want to really make the most of it?

Just try this calorie-torching boxing workout from 12RND Fitness. It’ll tone and sculpt your entire body, and all you need is a skipping rope and an interval round timer – you can simply download an app on your phone for this.

Remember, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym working out. Sometimes the shortest high-intensity workouts are the most effective.

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Burn 3oo calories in 30-minutes with this boxing workout

The workout

Each of the six workout rounds has two exercises with each exercise having a set amount of repetitions to complete. Complete the first exercise for the full amount of reps, before moving onto the second exercise. Once that’s done go back to the first, and so on! The goal is to complete as many of these rotations as possible within the 3-minute round.

What do you need?

  • A skipping rope
  • An interval round timer

What do you need to do?

Set the round timer to 7 rounds of 3-minutes, with 30-second rest in between rounds.

Round 1 – Warm up

This is the warm-up round, so grab the skipping rope and work through any form of skipping you can, such as two footed jumps, single leg or alternating.

Each time you stop skipping during this round, complete 5 reps of one of the below exercises. Alternate the exercises each time you stop.

No skipping rope? No problem! Just complete 20 high knees on the spot, and then work through one of the exercises above for 5 reps before completing 20 more high knees.

Keep going until the end of the 3-minute round.

Round 2

10 x Jab, Cross

The most common boxing combo. Stand in your boxing stance (dominant foot back, turned at 45 degrees, with your hands up and fists clenched). The Jab is a straight punch using your lead hand, the Cross is also a straight punch from the rear hand, and as you throw it, bring your front hand back and rotate the body to finish with the Cross out in front of you.

10 x Reverse Lunges

Start with feet shoulder-width apart, and step one foot backwards. As your foot is going backwards, start to sit your weight down through your front leg and rear leg when the foot hits the floor. Bend both knees and bring them down to just off the ground. Push back up and bring the back leg to the starting position and repeat with the opposite leg.

Round 3

8 x Jab, Cross, Lead Hook

Building on the Jab, Cross combination from the first round, by adding a lead Hook (same hand as the jab). A Hook involves pivoting on the front foot to bring the lead hand around with power. The arm is kept at 90 degrees and parallel to the floor.

4 x Inch Worms

Start with the feet shoulder-width apart and bend at the waist as if you were trying to touch your toes. Bend the knees if you need to. Place your hands flat on the floor and start to walk them out in front of you until they are under your shoulders. From here, reverse the movement, walking your hands back up towards your feet, whilst keeping your legs as straight as possible.

Round 4

8 x Jump Split Squats

Stand upright with your feet together and your arms at your side. Jump up, and whilst in the air, bring one leg out front, and the other back, and softly land in a lunge position. Without pausing, jump in the air again and reverse the position of your legs.

8 x Kimura Sit Ups

Lie on your back with your knees bent up to the sky, your feet flat on the floor and your arms above your head. Bring your upper body off the floor by contracting the muscles of your core. As you are coming up you will need to bring your arms over your head and twist them over to one side as if you were putting a seat belt on. From here reverse the movement until you are on your back again and repeat again on the other side.

Round 5

10 x Skater Jumps

From a standing position, shift your weight onto your left leg, bending your left knee to lower your hips a few inches while raising your right foot off the ground. Kicking off from one foot to the other. Land softly on your right leg, allowing your left leg to cross behind you and your arms to swing across your body in the same direction. Pause, and then repeat the movement, this time pushing off with your right leg and landing on your left leg. Continue jumping side to side, swapping legs.

10 x Prone Knee Tuck

Start in a prone (plank) position, with your arms at a 90 degree angle, and your shoulders stacked over. Keep your body in a straight line from your head to your toes. Bring your right knee up as close as you can towards your armpit, then reset, placing your foot back and returning to plank position. Repeat with other leg on your other side. Continuing alternating for all of the reps.

Round 6

6 x Jab, Cross, Roll

A Roll is an evasive move you see boxers use to duck under an opponent’s punch. Once you have thrown the Cross, retract the hand and start to sink at the knees. The goal is to perform a ‘U’ shaped movement by sinking your weight down onto your front foot, and push onto your back foot as you start to come up to your normal position.

6 x T-Press Push Up

Begin on the floor, face down. Hands are placed just wider than your shoulders and behind the line of your shoulders. Back, neck and legs should be in a straight line with core held tight

Push yourself up while maintaining alignment from your head to heel, ensuring your hips do not drop

Twist, opening your body outwards to one side into a side plank. Keep your arm in line with your body and straight into the air, and ensure your hips are stacked. Lower back into plank position, and repeat the push-up and continue alternating sides each rep.

Tim West is the founder of 12RND Fitness.