Candice Warner gained 5kg of muscle doing SAS training

The former Ironwoman says she’s smaller but stronger than ever and is about to be put through her paces on Channel 7’s new fitness reality show. 

After she gave birth to her third child Isla Rose, Candice Warner says she’d “pretty much lost all [her] strength”.

In an interview with, the former Ironwoman says she could get through “maybe got five push-ups and half of a chin-up” two months following her pregnancy.

But after undergoing intense fitness training as part of Channel 7’s new reality show SAS Australia, the mum-of-three says she’s stronger and more confident than ever.

She’s gained 5kg of muscle and gone from a size 10 to a 6.

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“I’m a lot smaller but I’m a hell of a lot stronger than what I’ve ever been,” she says.

How did she do it?

Candice trained with Kevin Toonen of 98 Gym in Sydney, a trainer with 18 years of military experience, to put her through her paces three to four times a week.

“For me, it was heavy weights, less reps but lots of sets. Then when we were really fatigued throwing in some cardio, high-intensity cardio,” she says.

Some of her grueling workouts included walking 10km with a 25kg pack on her back, other times it was 45 minutes of lunges, just lunges, while holding a weight over her head.

But for Warner, it’s not about appearances but the psychological benefits of going to the gym.

“It’s not so much what I look like, it’s what it does mentally so I’ve kept up pretty much all of the training purely because I love it,” she says.

SAS Australia premieres on Monday night 7.30pm on Channel 7