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Chris Hemsworth’s trainer Da Rulk’s ultimate fat-burning resistance workout

Torch calories and burn body fat in minutes with this equipment-free resistance workout from Chris Hemsworth’s trainer Da Rulk’s new Centr masterclass.

People can be confused when they first see a functional training workout.

The movements may be unfamiliar, the techniques may seem unorthodox, and as the workout is done primary with only bodyweight it can be different to what they’re accustomed to.

Many people are understandably confused on how this type of training can help them become stronger and better conditioned.

It is first important to better understand the methodology and specific techniques of each movement to maximise the benefits of the exercises.

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Many people think that functional training only relates to movements like battle ropes and flipping tires. Although these are both great modalities of training, the focus of functional training by definition is to help you become more functional and efficient in your everyday lives.

We have been so focused on the amount of load we lift to determine our level of strength and we have been focused on the level of our intensity to determine our level of conditioning. There are so many other ways of training only using your bodyweight.

In addition to dynamic mobility and balance, functional training incorporates elements of sensory processing training. You will become not only physically stronger but mentally bulletproof as well!

Feeling strong is more important than just looking strong – the added benefits of improved aesthetics are great but your recharged mind and soul will be the catalyst of a better version of yourself.

When you’re training this way the mental challenge is as important as the physical – can you push yourself to conquer the challenge? Can you overcome the tough moments to get to the end? If you can, you can then apply these skills to every aspect of your everyday life.

Proper technique is the key to maximising the benefits of every workout. The goal is to maintain the discipline and consistency. Dedication to purpose will carry you through to the end.

Da Rulk’s ultimate fat-burning resistance workout

Da Rulk’s new masterclass is all body weight based, so no equipment is needed. The workouts are designed to be shorter and be able to be done in your very own home. You are going to feel more mobile and your range of motion will improve.

Strong and mobile joints lay the foundation for big improvements in other areas of fitness so functional training will be a great complementary component of your current strength and conditioning workouts.

No one starts out as a master, but if you put in the work the results will come. Now, get ready to sweat!

Da Rulk is a master trainer on Chris Hemsworth’s health and fitness app His new 13-week functional training masterclass Centr Masterclass: Da Rulk starts this week.