Elly and Becky Miles HAVE found love, and can’t hide it

In the most recent episode of Body+Soul’s Healthy-ish podcast, Bachelorette sisters Elly and Becky Miles both reveal that they found their ‘fellas’ on the show (and are still talking every day), and share why they never once fought over a man in the process.

Mark you calendars people, because we have a premiere date for The Bachelorette Australia 2020, and that is October 7th.

Mixing things up this year, we have not one Bachelorette but two to follow as they try to find love (on national TV). Elly Miles, who you may remember from Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor is back. And has brought her sister, Elly Miles, along for the ride.

While sadly, Matt’s relationship with winner Chelsea may not have lasted – fans didn’t forget the other bubbly blonde who held his attention up until home-towns, Elly. The self-confessed ‘country girl’ is happy to be doing it all again – but this time she’s in the driver’s seat and her sister will also be looking for love. Cue: a lot of confused men as they meet their ~two~ potential partners on the red carpet.

Elly and Becky spoke to Body+Soul’s Healthy-ish podcast about the experience of doing reality TV together, why they’ll never fight over a man, and the hilarious hybrid workout that got them through those stressful times on set.

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They BOTH picked someone at the end of filming

Becky: “I can say that we both chose someone at the end, and we’re both in happy places and I think the journey to love, I think that was always the end goal but in the end I just want time with my person on the outside to live a bit of a normal life and explore that.”

Elly: “This was my thing; I just want something real at the end of the day and [I] was like, ‘I don’t want you feel like you have to tell me you love me just because we’re on The Bachelorette’, I just want something real, and I want to end up with someone that I want to be with, and they want to be with me, and we can give life a real proper crack together.. and yeah, I guess I can say that’s what I got and I’m really happy. And Bec too.”

…and are still seeing ‘their fellas’

Becky: “We haven’t been able to see our guys since immediately after [filming ending] and I think it hasn’t really taken off yet…there’s just a lot of Facetiming and a lot of texting and we talk to each other every day.”

Elly: “This is hard, being away from one another but so many people have had to face this in COVID so you know, so just bloody get used to it!” [laughs]

They never once fought over the same guy

Elly: “No way, never! Honestly, we wanted the same thing for each other… so like any guy that Becky’s interested in I’m like ‘Bloody, go get it girl, do your thing’ and if Becky’s interested in someone then they’re in the brother basket…”

Becky: “We have never argued over men or been interested in the same guy, and we’re not competitive like that… we never want to a guy to get in between us, and that never happened at all.”

They leant on each other, a LOT, during filming

Elly: “Having done it [now], I don’t know how other Bachelors and Bachelorettes don’t have that person there beside them. To be able to have that someone else there, that loves you, unconditionally – not only along for the journey, but finding their own love and their own person.. it’s been pretty incredible, hasn’t it?”

Becky: “Yeah, It has been incredible. Elly and I have been so lucky, we didn’t really miss home. We didn’t get homesick because we had ‘home’ with us… It can be really tough on the show sometimes because you’re sending home people that you’ve got genuine connections with and it can put you into a little bit of a slump, and I was just so lucky to have Elly there… she’s very in-tune with how I’m feeling… and we’d have a little bit of a ritual where we’d bring each other up.”

They had body insecurities, prior to filming

Elly: “We generally like to live pretty healthy, active lives… and I guess in the lead up to Bachelorette we just wanted to be in a good place mentally and physically, and we were in a good routine in the lead up.”

Becky: “I think for me, I’ve always been a bit of a yo-yo dieter and you know I’ve had trouble in the past staying motivated but with COVID I started working from home and I feel like I had a lot more time in the day so I took COVID and made it my own, and I just started doing home workouts with my housemates, and going to for walks and eating healthy. And so I feel like my fitness journey started kicking in from then, but then when we found out about The Bachelorette … it was like, ‘I want to be in the best place physically and mentally’ going on to the show… I feel like like I was a little bit cuddly, and I wanted to look and feel my best, so … we were just training a lot, and eating better, and for me it’s been about balance myself. I don’t want to starve myself – and I still love my carbs! I don’t think carbs should be shied away from.”

They made up they own hybrid workout

Elly: We made it a request of ours to have a trainer come and train us, because for us workout out is a huge outlet for stress…. we ate pretty well too, just trying to eat really clean.. and I think it got really tough in the last two weeks because the schedule was pretty much non-stop. But yeah, we do journalling and try to take some time out. And, oh! We did a fun thing: we did something called ‘Dennis’…. So we had a tennis court and we would be playing tennis after a workout and then we’d put on music and turn it into dance-tennis [laughs]. If you want to get the good vibes pumping, that’s the thing!

The Bachelorette Australia premieres on Network TEN, at 7.30pm on Wednesday October 7th.