‘How I lost 11.5kg in coronavirus self-isolation’

While everyone found themselves eating more and exercising less in coronavirus self-isolation, Felicity was doing the complete opposite. Here she reveals all the secrets behind her incredible 11.5kg lockdown weight loss transformation.

Felicity Corbin was stuck in a rut. She was conscious about her weight but could never find the motivation to take action and make strict lifestyle changes.

“Each time I looked in the mirror, my heart would sink because I felt like I was letting myself down as I knew I had so much more potential and so much more life to live,” Felicity told Body+Soul.

“I felt heavy, bloated and embarrassed.”

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As her weight increased, her self-esteem and confidence depleted further.

“I was in a dragon boating team and stopped participating in the sport because I was one of the largest women in the team. Nobody likes to be the chubby person in any team, and having to tell our coach my weight every regatta made me very uncomfortable, she recalls.

“I would also often turn down invitations to go out to dinner with friends and family as I couldn’t find anything to wear that could fit or that I felt confident or comfortable in.”

Between completing her final year of her University degree and working full-time, she never had the time to care for herself. Before she knew it, she was buying size 22 clothes and weighed 117kg – the shock realisation that fuelled her determination to take action and turn her life around.

Felicity signed up to fitness program 28 by Sam Wood, overhauled her diet, implemented an achievable exercise regimen and lost 22kg between March 2019 and July 2020. Commendably, 11.5kg of weight lost was during coronavirus isolation when she completed the 28 by Sam Wood 8-week challenge.

Here she shares all her secrets behind her body transformation…

Felicity’s diet

Prior to her weight loss, Felicity struggled with meal planning and constantly found herself resorting to unhealthy quick meal in the form of McDonald’s, cafeteria food and sugary treats.

“Breakfast of many mornings back then was a quick stop at McDonald’s drive thru to get a muffin, hash brown and coffee, or if I was having a bad day, a takeaway egg and bacon roll from a local cafe. Lunch was on the go between meetings and generally often no more than a coffee and a toasted sandwich from the university refectory. To get me through lectures at night, I’d reach for a sugary treat such as a muffin, piece of cheesecake, or caramel koala to get a sugar rush and keep me awake.”

While she did have a homemade meal for dinner, her portions were “three times the amount of pasta, rice and bread”.

Now, she strictly follows a meal plan from the 28 program. Here’s what a typical day on a plate looks like to her now:

Breakfast: Clean green smoothie OR banana smoothie OR raspberry and chia bircher OR corn and zucchini fritters.

Lunch: Creamy mushroom soup OR mixed salad wrap OR leftovers from dinner.

Dinner: Mushroom and pumpkin risotto OR coconut fish and sweet potato chips OR sticky chicken.

On cardio days, she’ll also have a maximum of two snacks such as coffee, a boiled egg or raw veggies with hummus. Felicity also ensures she drinks at least 3.5L of water per day.

Felicity’s exercise routine

Felicity’s training kick-started when she became serious about her weight loss transformation back in March 2019 and signed up to a half marathon.

“I wanted to be lighter and fitter for the race as I knew it was going to be a lot harder than a road race, trying to run on soft sand for 21km.”

But despite her hard work, she wasn’t seeing results with her training plan. “I had been working with a personal trainer and was not seeing the results I wanted. I was also starting to get a lot of pain in my hips from squatting and deadlifting really heavy weights.”

Felicity decided to follow the 28 workout plan instead.

“I was running up to four times per week and adding in some light strength and conditioning exercises such as running technique and mobility exercises. I found that Sam’s 28 functional workouts really complimented the running and within two months my sciatic pain was completely gone.”

During coronavirus lockdown, Felicity simply stuck to the daily 28 at-home workouts and coupled these with two 30-minute outdoor walks – and as a result lost a whopping 11.5kg.

Felicity on the biggest challenge

“One of the biggest challenges for me during my transformation was finally admitting to myself that I was obese and that I needed to do something about it,” Felicity explains. “I had to get accept that I needed to get serious about following the 28 program correctly and my weight loss wasn’t going to magically happen. I needed to do the work properly and with consistency.

She added: “The second part of this was forgiving myself and trusting the process. I did this by learning how to love myself again. When I started to truly believe in my ability and not sabotage my progress I got over my first the most difficult part – the beginning.”

Felicity on her self-esteem

As a result of Felicity’s newfound approach to a balanced and health lifestyle, she has gained “unlimited self-confidence.”

“I smile a lot more now and am really proud of the woman I have become and feel fit, strong and beautiful in my skin,” she proudly says.

“I am no longer ashamed of my past when I struggled with being overweight. I have been through my own share of obstacles to get to this stage in my transformation so when I look at my reflection in the mirror today I feel so much stronger because I know that all of those obstacles I overcame made me who I am now.”