‘I lost 15kg with Chris Hemsworth’s Centr app’

A full-time uni student/volunteer firefighter (what a legend) takes us through her weight loss journey to being 15kg lighter, with a little help from Thor himself.  

Ellie admits she’s always “had a complex” with weight.

Living on a farm in rural, Far North Queensland, she found herself outside a lot; riding horses and walking the dogs, for example, so the university student thought that “little bit of exercise would be enough,” while eating lots of take-away, soft drink and junk food.

But one day on the job as a volunteer firefighter, the 19-year-old realised she was having trouble keeping up with the rest of the team. And that was her motivation to overhaul her lifestyle.

“Considering I am the youngest member in my brigade, by quite a few years, it dawned on me that I needed to do something about my health,” she tells Body+Soul.

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“I really enjoy my volunteer work with the Rural Fire Service and I always want to be among the action, but that can sometimes be challenging if you aren’t in the best shape.”

She was just about to join a gym when she discovered Centr, the health and fitness program app designed by Chris Hemsworth.

Ellie started off with the basics, like cutting out junk food and sugary drinks.

“The food adjustment may have been the most difficult, but I never once felt deprived of anything that I used to enjoy,” she says.

“There are so many healthy alternatives on Centr which I can really enjoy without feeling guilty.”

The workouts, in the beginning, were super challenging, too, she notes, but the difference today is noticeable.

“I remember after the first Centr workout I struggled to move for at least a week afterward,” she says.

“But eventually I started to crave movement, I find it hard to be still for too long these days.”

She now works out three and up to six times a week. Understandably, she’ll skip a workout on the days she’s fighting fires.

Ellie’s lost 15kg and is feeling great. She’s also learned a lot about nutrition, and even without a recipe to follow, she now feels “confident enough to make something that I know will be within my typical intake.”

Centr hasn’t just been a training app for Ellie, but a sustainable lifestyle built on the pillars of “eat, train, and live”. Plus, it’s been enjoyable. Her advice to those looking to make similar changes? Start slow.

“It’s important to build habits for a healthy lifestyle instead of doing some sort of one-month fad to lose weight because even if you lose it you gain it back anyway,” she says.

“I’ve found it helps to slowly incorporate new habits into your lifestyle, that way you can really understand and enjoy the process, instead of cutting out all the things you enjoy.”

Wise words.

Ellie’s day on a plate


Breakfast is usually porridge or scrambled eggs.


I really love to have leftovers for lunch. Otherwise, lunch is usually some sort of salad or sandwich.


I have pizza maybe about once a week for dinner, but I make a homemade, healthy option. I really enjoy the pizza recipes from the app.


My favourite snack from the app is white chocolate and Goji berry cookies. Dessert is sort of tricky, occasionally I have a few pieces of chocolate but usually, I just go without.