Izzy’s at-home workout will tone every inch of your body

Bachelor contestant Izzy Sharman-Firth reveals all her fitness tips she swore by to keep in shape while filming, and even shares her ultimate Bachelor mansion workout you can do at-home – no equipment needed.

When you’re confined to the walls of the Bachelor mansion, life is a little bit like… coronavirus lockdown, to say the least.

Besides cooking, sleeping, gossiping, eating and, well, more eating, there’s not much else you can do.

But contestant Izzy Sharman-Firth wasn’t going to let her time in the Bachie mansion get in the way of her exercise routine. In fact, the 29-year-old took on the role as the mansion’s PT, and was responsible for writing HIIT workout routines for all the girls and keeping them on top of their fitness.

“Exercise has been a big part of my life for a really long time,” Izzy tells Body+Soul. “I’ve done a lot of variety – everything from aerobics classes, F45, CrossFit, weights and personal training, so I have a bunch of different exercises to draw from when programming.”

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Izzy, who used to work as a sales manager for Fitness First (hence her passion for fitness), explains how she managed to maintain a regular workout routine while in the mansion.

“When I went into the mansion, there wasn’t a huge amount of space or equipment so it was fun to get creative,” she adds. “I planned out my workouts to have the same format and focus for each day of the week but I would switch up the actual exercises every week.”

And she didn’t need any fancy equipment to get a good sweat session, either. “For my workouts, all I’d need is a tabata timer (can use an app), a mat, a skipping rope and some heavy objects.”

Izzy’s Bachelor mansion weekly workout plan

Here’s what Izzy’s weekly Bachelor mansion workout plan looked like:


What: Full body workout incorporating hill sprints.

How to: Set up four pods of three different exercises (one upper body, one lower body and one ab exercise). 40-seconds of exercise with a 15-second rest and complete three laps of each pod before running two laps up hill in 2-minutes with remaining time. Rest.


What: Lower body resistance

How to: Nine different leg/glute exercises, repeat each exercise twice before moving to the next and repeat the whole thing (so you end up doing each exercise four times). Set the time at 35 seconds work, 20 seconds rest.


What: Yoga and a walk


What: Upper body resistance

How to: Three pods, four exercises in each pod (12 exercises in total). Repeat each exercise before moving to the next and repeat each pod, then take a 45-second rest between each pod. Set the timer at 35 seconds work, 20 seconds rest.


What: 40-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

How to: 10 full-body exercises repeated as many times as possible in 40 minutes with minimal rest time. (see below for an example).


What: Lower body resistance

How to: Nine different leg/glute exercises broken into three pods. Repeat each exercise three times before moving to the next. Repeat each pod before taking a 60-second break before moving to the next pod. Set the timer at 35 seconds work, 20 seconds rest.

Izzy’s at-home full-body cardio workout

Here’s an example of Izzy’s AMRAP workout that’ll tone your entire body, without the need for any equipment.

AMRAP for 40 minutes (you can reduce time depending on fitness levels).

Write the exercises on a piece of paper or whiteboard. The aim is to do as many laps as possible with minima rest time.

  • 20 x single arm kettlebell clean & press (10 each arm)
  • 10 x inch worm with jump at standing
  • 20 x plyo lunges
  • 10 x tricep push ups
  • 20 x mountain climbers
  • 10 x burpees
  • 20 x single leg deadlift (10 each side)
  • 10 x renegade row
  • 20 x star jumps
  • 10 x windscreen wipers (laying on back in crunch position, raise legs and tap floor from left to right side of body)
  • 5 x stair runs / 100 skips