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Sam Wood’s tips for making 2021 new year’s resolutions stick

New year, new you? If you’re beginning 2021 with the aim to get fit, lose weight, or just be healthier in general, you need to know how to set good, realistic goals for yourself. Sam Wood explains how. 

As a personal trainer, it gets so frustrating to see people make the same mistakes year in, year out when it comes to health-focused resolutions.

So many begin a new year with great intentions, only to have all those goals fade into nothingness a few months down the track.

Why? Because the goals they’ve set for themselves are really hard to stick to. And this can be for various reasons.

Here are the biggest mistakes that people make when making New Year resolutions and how to avoid them.

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They focus too far ahead

For example, they focus on where they want to be in December rather than where they should be in February or March.

If you do this you can become disenchanted and demotivated as it is just too hard. Set shorter and more realistic goals, achieve them, reset, and go again.

They don’t have a plan

How are you ever going to achieve what you want without having a plan that is related to that short term, realistic goal? The best advice for this is keep it simple. Whether this is scheduling your workouts or planning your meals, preparation is key.

They lack accountability

People are often too scared to tell people what they want to do for fear of failure and I get it. it can be confronting to put yourself out there but I promise you that if you do, your likelihood of success will dramatically increase.

They go too hard, too early

The number of times I’ve seen someone dust off their runners for the first time in 10 years and try to run 15km on New Year’s Day, only to be exhausted, very sore and, in some cases, even injured.

By building your volume and intensity of workouts up gradually, you will enjoy it more and still get great results, but most importantly, you’ll have a workout plan that you can stick to and that is sustainable.

They neglect certain areas

For example, they go on an extreme diet but there’s no workout component.. or they do the opposite and go nuts with their training but don’t focus on their nutrition. You are much better off taking a well-rounded approach to your health and an attitude of progress, not perfection.

Try to be an 8/10 in food and exercise as well as ensuring you are always hydrated and sleeping and recovering properly. When you do this, it won’t be a quick fix, it will be a healthy lifestyle that can shape the new you forever.

Sam Wood is a qualified personal trainer and fitness coach and is the founder of 28 by Sam Wood. Find out more about his online health and fitness platform here.