Shop the best running shoes, tights, sports bra and headphones online with our expert edit

The right kit makes you feel like you can do anything. Even if you’re doing it for the first time. We’ve found the best new running gear – from head to toe (quite literally) – to make you feel like a track star. Even on your debut run. 

The Body+Soul editors are a discerning bunch, so when they recommend the best running shoes, or a natural deodorant that actually works, or the serum that truly delivers on glow, we suggest you take note. Each week we’ll be sharing a handpicked list of the best buys for your health and wellness, so keep your eyes peeled for The Edit.

Today, we’re kitting up for one of the easiest, most effective for fat loss and do-anywhere workouts: running.

New to running? Ben Lucas, celebrity trainer and owner of Flow Athletic, shares his top tips for beginners – because if your technique is on point you’ll not only to avoid injury, but you’ll recover faster and enjoy your next ride even more.

#1. Take it slow

“Embrace the run/walk method. It is a good way of building up your strength and your joints. If you are aiming to run 5km, try walking for 0.5km then running 0.5km until you’re able to run the whole way.”

#2. Hit the weights

“When you run, you are on one leg at a time, so you need to be working on each leg individually. Key exercises include runner’s lunges, one-leg deadlifts, walking lunges, split squats and pistol squats using a TRX [suspension trainer].”

#3. Take a break

“Recovery should be an important part of your plan. This means warming up before and stretching after every run. I also like doing yoga when I am training for a running event as it lengthens everything out.”

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Now that you know what you need to do to get started, check out our edit of the best gear that will help get you closer to that finish line…

The smart watch:

Not only is this smartwatch shock-, water- and dirt-proof, it’s also equipped with a heartrate monitor, GPS and can tell when your favourite running trails are overcrowded.

Shop it: 7 GPS Sports Watch, $799, Suunto at The Iconic

The natural deodorant:

This clean deodorant blends supercharged skincare ingredients with anti-sweat tech to keep odour at bay while gently exfoliating your underarms for clear, even skin.

Shop it: Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant, $24, Kosasport at Mecca

The sports bra:

Ideal for sprints and high-intensity runs, this innovative sports bra is made from breathable, stretchy fabric that helps wick away sweat. Complete with a zip, you won’t need to struggle out of this one.

Shop it: Sports bra, $140, All Access at Net-a-Porter

The headphones

Don’t let tangled headphones get in the way of your training. With these wireless buds, you’ll score up to nine hours of listening time, noise cancellation as well as a powerful, balanced sound.

Shop it: Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro, $349.95, at Beats by Dre

The water bottle

Stay hydrated with this 1L scratch-resistant, BPA-free water bottle.

Shop it: Quench Water Bottle, $29.95, Ion8 at The Iconic

The hat

Avoid UV damage and keep your cool with a non-slip hat.

Shop it: Visor, $29.99, at Lorna Jane

The body balm

Like a lip balm for your nipples, this rich, oil-based stick works to prevent chafing. Swipe it over your nipples before heading off and let the anti-inflammatory chamomile, honey and marula oil get to work soothing and protecting.

Shop it: Nipple & Areola Stick, $29.95, Bawdy at Revolve Clothing

The run tights

With pops of rose and peach, you won’t get lost in the crowd in these leggings. And thanks to the high-rise fit and tightly woven fabric, you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Shop it: Leggings, $139, at P.E Nation

The sneakers

Hit the pavement in style in these metallic sneakers.

Shop it: Nike Free Metcon 3 sneakers, $170, at Nike

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