‘Thanks to TikTok, I’ve kicked my fizzy drink addiction’

Melbourne man Rohit Roy rocketed to TikTok stardom by documenting his journey to give up fizzy drinks. Now, the internet sensation and WW ambassador discusses the importance of accountability and community in achieving your health goals.

After I realised I was addicted to fizzy drinks, I tried to stop a few times.

But I was unsuccessful. And then one day I thought, “OK, now it’s crunch time” – I’m not getting any younger and I was overweight as well. What if I get some sort of medical complication or a heart attack or diabetes? My parents are diabetic so I have more chance of getting it. That’s how my health journey started – I looked into the future and I got scared.

I started posting videos of my “no fizzy drinks” journey on TikTok. I was looking for people who could support me so I would be more accountable. I posted my first video in June and I haven’t had a fizzy drink since – more than 200 days. I can keep this up pretty much forever now. Especially because I have so many supporters on TikTok and I don’t want to break their trust.

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I get comments all the time from people on TikTok. They say, “Because of you, I’m starting my own journey to get rid of my addiction.” Whatever addiction you have, whether it’s sugar, drinks or drugs, I want you to fight it. There’s nothing wrong with fizzy drinks. That’s why I never name any brands because my fight isn’t against them. I’m just trying to get rid of my addiction.

Since joining WW, I’ve lost another 8kg. The program’s not just focused on weight, but also meditation, sleep, exercise, food… everything is there.

I didn’t join TikTok to become famous. I’m not a celebrity or an influencer. I just wanted to change my life. Now I want to lose weight. I’m honest with all the people following me. I give my weight update every day and I never lie. I think that’s why people continue to support me and I’m so thankful for them.

Rohit Roy is an ambassador for WW, who have partnered with Body+Soul in a special issue to help readers achieve health, fitness and mental wellbeing goals for the new year ahead.