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The best MAFS weight loss transformations

We’ve rounded up the most inspiring and incredible weight loss transformations of former Married At First Sight stars.

Although Married At First Sight isn’t too well known for its success rate in the love department, there has been incredible success from some of the stars when it comes to weight loss.

And now that we’re all patiently waiting for 2021’s season of MAFS to kick off, we’ve rounded up the most inspiring and incredible weight loss transformation from over the years. Their before and after photos are truly amazing.

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Cathy Evans experienced her inspiring 16kg weight loss before her MAFS debut and spoke openly about crediting her transformation to the popular high-fat low-carb Ketogenic diet.

The reality TV star explained in an interview with OK! Magazine that although going keto helped her initially kickstart her dramatic weight loss, she still had to exercise routinely to maintain her figure.

She also took up bodybuilding where she got her weight down to 49kg for a competition.

‘Lizzie’ appeared on the 2019 season of the popular reality show where her TV husband Sam Ball, not only cheated on her, but literally fat-shamed her, too.

But when she made a major comeback in the following season, she entered with her ultimate revenge body.

Sobinoff lost an impressive 10kg between each season, and she told Who magazine that she followed the popular 5:2 diet to lose the weight.

The 5:2 approach, also followed by celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Miranda Kerr, involves eating less than 500-600 calories per day on two non-consecutive days, combined with eating regularly on the other five days of the week.

In addition, Elizabeth said she hit the gym several times a week to “reduce stress”.

Despite her incredible weight loss, the MAFS star didn’t want to “glorify” being thin.

“It’s still very much me. I know people are going to say, ‘Well, you look completely different to how we saw you last year.’ But don’t always focus on the outer shell,” she told the publication.

“This has always been me. We grow, as people. I don’t glorify weight (loss) and be like, ‘I’m better now.’”

Lauren Huntriss, season 6

The former MAFS star is almost unrecognizable after undergoing a makeover and losing 8kg.

The 32-year-old took to Instagram to unveil her slimmer figure and her new strawberry-blonde hair.

“What motivates me? My trolls, my enemies, all the people who constantly try to bring me down to their level,” she wrote in the caption.

“And yes my phone case does say “Love Yourself”, because everyone should be reminded of this daily,” she added.

In another Instagram post, she also implied the show’s demanding needs led her to her dramatic weight loss.

“Want to lose 10kg? Go on #MAFS!” she captioned a post.

“I’ve made a conscious effort to eat a more balanced diet and exercise regularly. And I’ve been taking [supplements].”

Jo McPharlin, season 5

Over the last two years, Jo ‘Foxy Jojo’ McPharlin has been working hard to slim down and as a result, has lost over 20kg.

While her transformations was criticised by trolls accusing her of undergoing weight-loss surgery, Jo was quick to clap back and stand up for herself.

Thanking her ketogenic diet and strict exercise regimen, Jo explained that she’s worked hard to get back into shape and won’t stand for people trying to being her down.

“I don’t give a toss about what people think I look like I am just me. Love me or hate me I’m just me. I have been dedicated, strict and everything mentally I wanted to be. That’s how I’m achieving my goals. No surgery, no major story to it. It’s been bloody hard work, mentally and emotionally,” she said during an Instagram live video.

“Every single day I want a certain food, but I look at my two beautiful children and I want a better quality of life for everybody. I’ve stopped junk food, all of my carbs and the majority of alcohol. It’s a lifestyle change. I’ve been blessed with losing weight, but maintaining it is the hard part.”

In addition to following a keto diet, she walks for 90 minutes per day and has been using an MM Slimming device which uses electromagnetism to stimulate muscles.

“I’m a little bit addicted! You sit there and it’s like 20,000 sit-ups in half an hour,” she said, posting a photo of herself on Instagram using the machine. “As much as everyone is saying I’m skinny, I’m the same weight. I’ve just started to tone up, lose my bum and stomach. This machine is amazing.”

, season 5

In a length Instagram post back in 2018, the fitness instructor explained how she managed to lose over 30kg by cutting all “toxic people” out of her life.

“When the producers on Married at First Sight learnt about my weight loss journey, I was asked if I had any photos of myself at my biggest to include in my backstory, as it is a significant part of my life,” she wrote. “I said no to sharing photos initially as it is hard to look at them myself let alone have others judge me!”

“People ask me how I succeeded in changing my appearance and I truly believe that a positive mind attracts wonderful things – this is where my transformation began,” she continued.

“I grew mentally determined to become a healthy person purely for myself and my body followed. I got rid of anything/anyone toxic in my life, altered my diet and within 3 months I lost the first 12kgs. Over time I’ve managed to lose more than 30kgs and now feel the best I ever have!”

Clare Verrall, season 4

The season two MAFS star was once too ashamed to leave her house because of her weight, which had skyrocketed to 120kg after her reality TV stint.

“I have been avoiding going out or attending any events for the past year as I am very embarrassed by how out of control my weight has become,” she told Daily Mail at the time.

But she managed to lose 50kg after 12 months of healthy eating and dealing with her mental health.

“It came down to dealing with my issues in regards to my PTSD. It was really focusing on my mental health,” she said.

“My body went into fight or flight mode,” she said. “Your brain tells your body to store every ounce of fat as it thinks you are on “survivor [mode]” when in reality I was in bed eating poorly.

“It was also due to my back injury, stress, inability to exercise and poor food choices.”

She now eats a balanced diet of steamed vegetables and tofu, and goes for long walks with her dogs.