Tiff Hall on how to plan your weekly workouts

Aussie workout extraordinaire Tiffiny Hall is no stranger to a tough HIIT workout. “You feel like you’ve really owned it,” she says reflecting on how good the high intensity training is for her.

Speaking on Body+Soul’s daily podcast Healthy-ish, Hall also confirms that like everybody else, she has a family life and obligations that get in the way.

“Not every day is going to be a HIIT day. If my son wets the bed overnight and I’ve had a sleepless night…if I’ve been up since early, the last thing I want to do in the morning is usually a HIIT workout,” she tells host Felicity Harley on the Healthy-ish episode Tiff Hall talks HIIT workouts.

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“So then I’ll just go, ‘Ok, I feel like a walk’ or just do a 30 minute strength workout or even just a stretch,” she adds.

So. Relatable.

The fact is that HIIT (high intensity interval training) is hard core exercise that you should really only do twice a week anyway. “You want to give it 100% to get the best results,” Hall says. “HIIT’s going to be really energizing and good for the endorphin hit, but you’ll also want to compliment that training with some strength training, recovery, stretching or yoga.”

“[Think], what does your week look like and how you can have these different types of movement throughout the week?”

Potentially you could consider writing up a bit of a workout roster to ensure you have variation in your workouts and are undertaking HIIT on days where you’re at your most determined and energized.

There are also certain times where you may want to forgo a HIIT workout, including if you’re under the weather or dealing with an injury.

“It’s quite an intense workout and puts a lot of stress on the body. If you’re doing HIIT when you’re feeling a bit under the weather, it’s going to produce more cortisol in the body (more stress hormone) and that is going to be detrimental to any kind of results.”

However, excuses aside, there’s no doubt that the magic of HIIT is in its results.

“You’re actually burning calories sitting on the couch up to 24 hours later,” says Hall. “You’re building lean muscle mass, burning fat and you’re not burning muscle, like you can with steady state cardio…Lean muscle mass is your fat factory, so you’re burning calories and that’s what you really want to do.”

“You want to re-composition your body from being fat to lean muscle and that’s what HIIT promotes, it’s fantastic.”

Tiffiny Hall’s TIFFXO workouts offer a range of options for people of all levels. She encourages beginners to take larger breaks between their high intensity workouts to give them more time to catch their breath and recover, allowing them to continue the workout with that high intensity.

“If you’re a beginner you will exercise for 1 minute and then take a 1-2 minute rest in between the work.”

“If you’re more advanced perhaps you’re doing 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off – or you’re doing 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. So you play with time depending on your level and I think with HIIT, it can also go for low impact exercises.”

Tiffiny Hall is the founder of TIFFXO.