Woman discovers ex-husband’s affair in New York Times wedding announcement

Nikyta Moreno learned why her ex-husband left her when she read the Vows column of the New York Times.

It’s bad enough to find out your partner is cheating on you, but imagine finding out your husband is cheating on you and getting married to them while still in a relationship with you?

That’s what Nikyta Moreno has claimed happened to her, after she discovered her now ex-husband’s wedding announcement published in The New York Times.

On August 7 2020, the publication ran the announcement for the wedding of Robert Palmer, 30, and Lauren Maillian, 35, who met at a New York Sports Club gym back in January 2017. The two then tied the knot in front of a small ceremony of 25 guests.

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However, according to Moreno, she was still married to Palmer in January 2017 when the article stated his relationship with his new wife began.

Sharing her story with the New York Post, Moreno explained she received numerous messages from friends and family when the announcement ran, urging her not to read it.

“It was a New York Times wedding announcement detailing the love story of a fitness entrepreneur and his new wife. According to the article, the couple, Rob and Lauren, started their relationship in January 2017. It also said that he had never been married.

“That was news to me – because I was his wife in January 2017.”

Moreno said she officially divorced Palmer in January 2018, but she “never exactly understood why” – that was until she “read about it in The Times”.

Moreno and Palmer had also met at a gym in the summer of 2013, moved in together a few months later and got married in December 2015.

However, Palmer quickly became distant while their wedding preparations were underway.

“Three months later, things abruptly changed. We went to Texas for his friend’s wedding and to finalise our own wedding details,” Moreno recalled. “I could sense something was wrong. When we returned, he said he needed space. Worried that he was stressed about wedding planning or work, I said I would leave for a week to stay with a friend.

“When I came back, he said he wanted a divorce. It was like a light switch turned off. He stopped communicating with me and refused to go to therapy. I wondered if he had a medical ­issue that had changed his personality.”

According to Moreno, her friends have since contacted The New York Times, which issued a correction on August 11 stating Palmer had previously been married,

“An earlier version of this article misstated the previous marital status of the groom, Robert Palmer. Mr Palmer had previously been married,” the correction read.

However, Moreno still felt “completely erased”.

“[Palmer] was publicly admitting that he dated this woman while we were married – the details of his infidelity laid out on the page,” she told The Post. “When I put their presentation next to the truth, it was like one of those ­reality-versus-Instagram memes come to life.”

But in a statement to The Post, Palmer said: “Nikyta and I were separated and both consented to a mutual and amicable divorce. This is all very surprising to me and I was unaware that there was ever an issue. I’m happy with my family and I wish Nikyta the best.”

While Moreno does wish Palmer and his new wife are happy together, she said she “simply wishes” he had told the truth.