You need absolutely zero equipment for Kayla Itsines’ latest fitness program

Getting motivated to workout at home has probably never been more challenging. Personal trainer and SWEAT founder Kayla Itsines knows this, which is why she created a zero-equipment program to make it as simple as possible.

With some of us wanting to avoid gyms for the foreseeable future, we’re all looking for new and effective workouts to be able to do at home with minimal fuss (ideally with little equipment considering how often things like weights are sold-out online).

It’s what inspired Kayla Itsines to create her latest 16-week program which, you’ll be pleased to know, requires absolutely no extra equipment – just a mat, yourself and your activewear.

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Like many of Kayla’s signature workouts before it, this new program is made up of high-intensity classes using just your body weight in a 28-minute timeframe. There are also shorter circuit-based workouts, 12-15 minutes if you’re short on time or easing back into it.

“Talking and listening to many women around the world in the past few months, I understand the many complexities and barriers that women are facing to exercise during this time,” Kayla says.

“It can be daunting not having access to a gym and having to work out at home while juggling the pressures of living and working.”

She adds all 70 new exercises in the Zero Equipment program were tried and tested in Kayla’s own lounge room in Adelaide, meaning a small space like your kitchen will be ample room.

It’s still challenging, but also suitable for all fitness levels and includes four beginner weeks, with six options to choose from depending on how much time you want to commit.

The program is available through Kayla’s SWEAT app and is charged on a monthly, three-monthly, or annual subscription basis.