12 new sex slang terms you need to know

They say the English language is continuously evolving. And much of that has to do with slang and colloquialisms. Behold, here are 12 new sexy words for your vocabulary. 

The word of 2020 might be ‘pandemic’ (which is mighty depressing), but we’ve stumbled upon some spicy new slang words, too, which is a considerably more enjoyable topic.

With some insight from our friends at LoveHoney, there’s a whole bunch of new terminology for things you find in the bedroom. You know, adult things.

You’ll want to add these to your vocabulary immediately if not sooner.

Pretty pistachio

A cute name for the lovely clitoris, mother of pleasure. With over 8,000 nerve-endings in the tip of the clitoris alone, this little nut is immeasurably satisfying to crack. Like having to pry open each pistachio individually, the effort is worth it.

Fifth base

We’ve all heard of bases 1-4 right, but what’s fifth base? Fifth base, also known as deep diving, is a more incognito way of saying anal sex.

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Playing the flute

You’re either thinking of Michelle from American Pie or Ron Burgundy playing the “yazz flute” in Anchorman. Both are pretty sensual, if we’re being honest. In either case, this is a new way to say blowjob.


You know when you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and you realise that person making eyes at you looks like Shawn Mendes? Who could blame you for wanting to fulfill a celebrity fantasy? A dopplebanger is someone you have sex with because they look like someone else.

Finger painting

Paints a picture, huh? A creative, relaxing, joyful and uses your digits. Finger painting is another term for female masturbation.

Eating the peach

In the world of media, fruit is a popular G-rated representation of genitalia, and you can see why because they really, really look like vaginas.

‘Eating the peach’ is a prettier way of saying: oral sex performed on a woman. This is a gentle, sensual motion of licking the vulva and clit.

Five knuckle shuffle

Yet another term for men’s masturbation, like we needed another one. This one is kinda funny though, we encourage you to use it often. File it next to “spanking the monkey” and “shaking hands with the milkman”.


You know when you’re running late because of an unexpected sexual encounter? Yeah. This is fun to say. We like this one a lot. Please work it into conversation as much as you can.


One of our favourites, queening is a fancy way of saying ‘sitting on someone’s face’ (and telling you that you love them. Monty Python reference? No?). Think of ‘queening’ as a queen sitting on her pleasure throne.

Rusty trombone

One to pretty easily visualise, a rusty trombone is the act of performing a hand job and a rim job simultaneously. The giver looks like they’re playing the trombone.

Sissy play

Sissy play is a form of power-play used to enhance BDSM scenes to create a strong power dynamic and relies on gender stereotypes to work.

Generally speaking, a submissive man emasculates himself and takes on personality traits or roles usually associated with women, for example, the role of a maid.

As always, both parties should consent before taking part in any BDSM activities.


Sex toy sales are way up this year, with social distancing meaning everyone’s spending more time on their own. So it’s understandable that intense, jaw-clenching blended orgasm you get from the Rabbit vibrator would have its own word.