2021 Weddings: COVID wedding trends

Owner of Brides of Beecroft in Sydney’s Northwest, Alex Riordan, sees hundreds of brides walk in and out of her store every month. Throughout COVID she’s witnessed a number of new wedding trends occurring, with adaptability a key element for happy brides. 

From destination weddings to intimate affairs, the way Australian couples wed has changed dramatically thanks to the pandemic. But what’s hot in getting hitched for 2021?

Alex Riordan owner of Brides of Beecroft in Sydney’s northwest says the main trend is ‘going with the flow’.

“I speak to hundreds of brides every month and am in awe of their and adaptability,” says Alex. “They are smashing the Bridezilla stereotype and navigating these unpredictable times with ease.

“The traditional wedding format is truly being broken down, which just shows that love conquers all. Despite adversity these determined brides are undeterred in their journey to make it down the aisle.”

With tenacity well and truly on trend, what else can we expect to see in 2021?

Here are six key trends that brides to be should look out for in 2021 according to our expert.

Micro weddings

During the height of lockdown, some brides continued to get married with a few family members and one or two bridesmaids or groomsmen. The advantage of this is a true focus on the couple as opposed to the celebration element.

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“We have seen this trend continue into 2021,” says Alex. “Couples are opting for more intimate weddings of around 25 people which means they can spend more time with their guests and less money.” This trend is an introvert’s dream and may suit many brides coming out of the lockdown bubble.

And for those who love the element of surprise, more couples are eloping – with far less planning involved. It’s the perfect way to avoid a lot of fuss.

New Traditions

COVID has challenged couples to come up with their own wedding traditions. With less guests able to dance and mingle, couples have tried everything from Uno card games to trivia and chair dancing competitions to keep everyone entertained.

Home and garden weddings are also now no longer just a cheap alternative but a credible new genre in their own right. Also on the rise are couples renting Airbnbs for a party under 10.

Less traditional dresses

Even the way brides shop for their wedding dress is evolving. Brides are slowly moving away from the traditional ivory dress and looking for unique colours such as gorgeous soft silvers, nude blushes and mauves. Brides are leaving less time to shop and with plans having to adapt quickly they are selecting more than one gown to suit the portfolio of celebrations they are now having juggle to fit with their nuptials into the regulations.

“With many of the weddings being delayed in 2020 there is a whole heap of brides that grew tired of the dress they selected and have completely changed the vibe of their day and restyled the dress to match,” says Alex.

“Hollywood glamour is really popular now – think Mikado satin in luxurious, ballgown silhouettes and lots of sparkle and lace that can have a second life beyond the aisle.”

The Aussie honeymoon boom

With an overseas honeymoon now out of the picture, many brides are opting for local getaways. “The favourite at the moment is Byron Bay, with NSW couples flocking to the town,” says Alex. “It’s the ideal place as it’s the closest NSW residents can get too the warmth of Queensland without the risk of being blocked by a border closure.”

The added bonus is that the money usually spent on flights can be directed towards extra luxe getaways and these funds will also help out local, recently fire-affected areas.

Two weddings – one now, one later

Why have one party when you can have two? Many couples are going ahead with their ceremony on their original wedding date, followed by an intimate reception at a restaurant. They’re then booking a big party for later on in the year or on their wedding anniversary so that hopefully every guest can be up and dancing without restrictions. It’s the best way to enjoy your moment for as long as possible!

Dual receptions

“We’ve been amazed at the creativity of our brides,” says Alex. “They’ve found so many ways to have a great time while still respecting the restrictions on numbers. We have heard about couples holding the ceremony, and then two receptions on the same day split across lunch and dinner. This means that two different groups of guests can celebrate with the newlyweds, and the couple doesn’t need to cut down on numbers.

It seems love has truly conquered the coronavirus and in doing so has blasted away tradition and given brides and grooms more freedom to have the wedding they want.