9 best Tinder first date ideas

Relationship expert Dr Lurve shares safe, fun and impressive date first ideas if you’ve met on a dating app.  

Dating in the 21st century can be fraught with challenges and is a little akin to a minefield, especially when it comes to online dating, or more specifically, Tinder.

First dates are already hard, without throwing in the fact that you’ve never actually met the person in real life. Sure, you can learn a few things about a person virtually, but how well do you really know them?

Going on a first Tinder date can be risky so it’s important to choose wisely. Always ensure the first date is somewhere public for your own safety (that should go without saying) and always give yourself the opportunity to leave if you need to.

Here’s some easy first date ideas for your Tinder suitor.

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9 best Tinder first date ideas

1. Coffee date

Ok, yes, it’s a pretty boring suggestion but hear me out. Coffee on a first date is non-threatening. It’s also safe. You can meet in a public place, leave when you want and never return if things don’t work out. Coffee says you’re comfortable getting to know a person, without feeling any other pressures (like going back to their place and having sex).

It’s usually a great opportunity to talk without interruption and allows you to actually hear them (as opposed to a date in a nightclub screaming over music).

Coffee dates lose points for lack of creativity but there’s plenty of benefits if you’re having reservations about the first date.

2. Sporting event

A first Tinder date at a sporting event can be fun – bonus points if one of you actually likes the team’s playing. With a sporting event there’s no risk of awkward silences or having nothing to talk about, as you can literally sit and watch the game if you get stuck.

It’s also a safe option because it’s public and the atmosphere can sometimes add a much-needed vibe.

Another alternative can be a sporting event where you both participate, such as a putt putt golf tournament or bowling. Both of these sports can bring some light-hearted fun and a bit of friendly competition to keep things interesting.

3. Coin toss date

This one is a little bit fun, but it does come with some risks. The idea is that you both meet up in a public place, start walking and then toss a coin whenever you reach a new street.

The fun part is that you don’t know where you’ll end up (which is also the risky part). But if you’re both brave enough it could lead to a memorable first date that is spontaneous and unique.

4. Sightsee

Depending on the type of people that you are, a date that involves a trip to an art gallery or the zoo could be loads of fun. You’ve instantly got something to talk about if conversation dries up and you’re in a public place so you can maintain safety.

5. Dog walk

This is another non-threatening idea that only works if one of you actually has a dog. Do this during the day (obviously) and the dog can provide a buffer in any awkward silences if needed.

The dog can serve as the perfect distraction and add a level of cuteness if your date is lacking in that department.

6. Farmer’s market date

This can be a great way to kick off a date, which can potentially lead to a lunch or dinner date if things go well. It’s an opportunity to show him/her the local part of your town and you can both revel in the delightful food and shopping.

It’s low key, with minimal pressure and a great way to get to know each other better.

7. Video game arcade

Yes, video games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for a first date they can be lots of fun.

It’s a great way to get to know someone in a light-hearted setting where you can both show your fun and competitive side.

8. Wine tasting

Sometimes a bit of liquid courage can really elevate a first date, but just make sure you don’t go full Frank the Tank.

A wine tasting is the perfect way to keep a cap on the drinks, while showing them you’re a little cultured. It’s also a precursor to a second date or a longer date – if things are going well you can suggest dinner and drinks afterwards.

9. Video call

This kind of ‘date’ can be the ultimate ice breaker and take some pressure off before an in-person date.

Yes, it’s not a real, physical date, but it can be a great way to ease into things and get you used to your suitor before diving into a real date.

Dr Lurve is one of Australia’s leading love and relationship experts. Follow her on Instagram @dr.lurve.