Abbie Chatfield is using astrology to search for love in 2021

In an exclusive interview with Body+Soul, well-known Gemini and former Bachelor franchise star, Abbie Chatfield, reveals which star signs are on her romance radar.

If there’s one thing Australia knows about Abbie Chatfield, it’s her star sign.

Those who watched Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor in 2019 – and quite a few who didn’t – will remember her first meeting with him in the mansion’s driveway, where she famously mistook his career as an astrophysicist for that of astrologer, and endeared herself to audiences (and spawned a plethora of memes) by proudly replying, “OK, I’m a Gemini.”

A year on, it’s a moment she still gets asked about. “Literally all the time,” she tells Body+Soul. “People even say it back to me when I introduce myself.”

Chatfield was dumped by Agnew (a Leo) in the season finale, and didn’t have much more luck on this year’s series of Bachelor In Paradise. So she’s heading into the new year single and, as someone who grew up reading horoscopes with her mum (also a Gemini), is eager to know what 2021 has in store.

“I just want to settle down and not have such a crazy love life,” she admits. “I’d like to meet a stable guy who’s either a Taurian, Libran, Leo or Sagittarian; definitely not a Capricorn.”

Chatfield, who admits she convinces first dates to contact their mums and ask for their exact birth time so she can see if they’re compatible, says the sexiest signs are “Leos and Scorpios… they’re feisty and powerful”.

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Astrologer Natasha Weber says 2021 looks promising for Geminis and marriage proposals, so perhaps Chatfield will find true love, after all.

Also on the cards for next year? It will come as a relief to learn the turbulence of 2020 will pass.

“Astrologers predicted the challenges of this difficult year due to the cosmic dance between Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn,” Weber explains.

“Pluto rules viruses and the last time we had these planets interacting was in 1918, the year of the Spanish flu. These three planets are heavyweights and they create lasting change, but we’ve got Saturn moving out of the picture so that trio will no longer be interacting at that level.”

Weber adds that the forthcoming planet movements spell out a time of prosperity.

“We have what I call a ‘Jupiter story’. [That planet] represents freedom and travel, and it’s how we find our bliss. It’s been caged in during 2020, but Jupiter will move into Pisces around May, which is where it truly flourishes, and then right at the end of December 2021, it will shift back into Pisces for a very long spell, meaning 2022 will be even brighter and lighter.”