Are you a ‘new dawn dater’?

Our dating habits and priorities have changed rather dramatically in the pandemic. If your relationship ended in the midst of lockdown, you’re a ‘new dawn dater’. Just what does this mean for your love life? Read on.

Were you in a relationship only to have the challenges of lockdown and physical distancing reassess your coupledom? You’re not alone.

20 percent of users on the dating app Bumble are newly single, largely due to the fact that it was so dang hard to see each other in person, but all this time alone has also offered space for reflection and self-care.

“For women, in particular, having the time and space afforded by lockdown appears to have given them the courage to end a relationship which they knew wasn’t working, allowing them to focus on themselves instead,” says Bumble spokesperson Lucille McCart.

“The experiences of 2020 have made women more likely to focus on the right qualities in a potential partner, rather than putting pressure on themselves and rushing into things.”

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New dawn daters are a unique bunch. Those who are in long-term relationships may not have experienced a dating app before, while others who were single before the pandemic can take their knowledge of apps like Bumble, be more selective with their matches and embrace messaging.

“A new dawn dater is adjusting to single life during a time when we haven’t yet returned to ‘normal’,” says McCart.

“If you have matched with a new dawn dater, just remember to not take it personally if they are slow to respond to a message or suggest a date – this is a new experience for them!”

If you’re new to the dating app scene, here are some quick tips:

Complete your bio

Australian users who do receive nearly 32 percent more matches than people who leave it blank.

Lead with humour and positivity

Focus on what you like rather than what you don’t like, what you are looking for rather than what you aren’t.

Utilise the full suite of photos

Australian users who add three to six photos to their profiles receive 93 percent more matches than people with less than three photos.

Your first photo should be just of you

It’s so all your potential matches know whose profile they are looking at. That said, a few group photos with friends are great to include as well. Use your photos as a way to express information about yourself. If you love camping, include some photos from your summer road trip, or if you love cooking, include some photos of you in the kitchen or at your favourite restaurant.

Use the badges

They allow you to easily indicate things like your height, star sign, religion, political leanings, if you have pets etc. Users who fill out their Badges are more than three times more likely to get a match than people who don’t.

Verify your profile

Users with the blue tick receive on average 24 percent more matches than people who do not use this feature.

Get the timing right

The most active day for Australian users is Sunday, and the peak time period is 8 pm-11pm, so head into the app at those times to watch your matches light up.