Breakups are crap, which is why we need to flush them out

Going through a breakup can be really tough. But in her new book, Higher Love, bestselling author Jordanna Levin explores the best way to get through them.

It’s a bit of a gross analogy, but super appropriate. If you think of a breakup like a toilet, you don’t want the crap building up to the point where it eventually overflows.

It’s the analogy bestselling author Jordanna Levin uses in her new book, Higher Love, a guide to manifesting more love in your life, and one way to do that is to flush out all the sh–t that comes with the ending of a previous relationship.

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“If you just keep storing your emotions in there without releasing it out, at one point, it’s either going to overflow, usually at an inopportune time, or it’s going to explode,” she tells Body+Soul’s Healthy-Ish podcast.

“So, I like to think that with our emotions after heartbreak, let them go feel them, and they’ll move through you so much faster.”

The best way to do this, says Levin, is the tried-and-true letter writing method.

“Write a letter to every single person you’ve ever been in a relationship with, dated, had a crush on, if you feel that there still triggers, there are things that you might not have worked through,” she recommends.

“You’re basically just saying everything that you needed to say to them that you didn’t get an opportunity to. Sometimes you might need to forgive them. Sometimes you might need to forgive yourself. Anything that needs to be said goes into this letter.”

There’s a very important caveat to this, though: Don’t send it.

“Why do we not send the letters, I think sometimes it opens up wounds that don’t need to be opened, and we don’t get the response that we need. So, it really is just a self-processing exercise.”