Digital dating is here to stay, according to Tinder

Tinder just released their Future of Dating report, and it says Zoom dates are here to stay for now. Here’s hoping we’ve all figured out how to unmute ourselves.

At the height of the pandemic, Tinder emerged as one of the few places young people could go to for human interaction while in their isolated existence. Indeed, loneliness in 2020 was a sort of pandemic in its own right.

“Taking an evolutionary perspective, we are hard-wired to want to be around people,” psychologist Briony Leo previously wrote for Body+Soul.

“People who describe themselves as lonely or isolated have higher rates of mental and physical health issues, are more likely to experience suicidal thoughts, and generally have lower rates of wellbeing.”

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Yes, while the past 12 months were exceptionally challenging, especially for singles and people who live on their own, it’s possible there have been some silver lining to this very crazy past 12 months that may have permanently changed the dating scene for the better.

According to Tinder’s Future of Dating Report, conversations were 32 percent longer and 43 percent of the dating app’s users said it made them feel less lonely.

Nearly half of the dating app’s users used video chat with a match during the pandemic and 40 percent plan to use video chats to get to know their prospective dates beyond lockdown. It’s a solid and safe vetting strategy if nothing else and gives us an indication of where dating will be going in the future.

“According to a recent Tinder survey, those who have tried (video chat) see it as a low-pressure way to get a sense for someone,” says a Tinder spokesperson.

We’re also going to be more open with each other, the Future of Dating report predicted, with mentions of ‘normalise’ and ‘anxiety’ growing in the pandemic by 31 percent.

Something tells me this online dating thing is going to be alright.