Everything to know about Bachelor finalist Bella Veralis

She became the ‘villain’ when she had a falling out with her friend Irena in the quest for Locky Gilbert’s heart. But just who is Bachelor 2020 finalist Bella Veralis? 

And then there were two. Tonight, Locky will have his heart to decide between Bella Veralis and Irena Srbinovska in the finale of The Bachelor 2020.

Though once pals, the show would have us believe a feud erupted between the two finalists after their friendship turned sour over their quest for Locky Gilbert’s heart, with Bella becoming the ‘villain’ of the show.

While it’s still anyone’s game at this stage, fans are predicting Bella as the frontrunner (though there have unfortunately been some tabloid spoilers). Here’s everything we know about her.

Bella Veralis is a Sydney girl

According to her LinkedIn, she attended FBI Fashion College in the inner Sydney suburb of Glebe.

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She’s quite the socialite, too, attending glamorous parties and rubbing shoulders with mega-influencer Tash Oakley.

Bella Veralis has a background in digital marketing

Though self-employed now for over three years, Bella started out as a junior buyer for Her Fashion Box before going into social media marketing.

She now operates as a freelance social media marketing manager, helping brands to capture “the voice of a brand and executing through social media and digital campaigns,” as per her LinkedIn page.

Bella Veralis has an interesting dating history

Apart from appearing to have a serious case of Bieber fever back in high school, Bella is said to have dated reality TV star and model Sam Johnston back in 2015 before he made his appearance on Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette. New Idea reported they’d briefly lived together before splitting.

Word is she’s also dated Miley Cyrus’s ex Cody Simpson, too, but that hasn’t been confirmed by anyone on the record.

Bella Veralis will be a modern classic bride

Marriage is definitely on the cards for this digital creative. According to her Pinterest page, Bella loves brilliant cut diamonds in simple, yellow gold settings.

In a board titled ‘One Day’, the reality star has pinned floor length wedding gowns with elegant uses of tulle, and it appears she’s pretty set on an outdoor wedding—in Italy, perhaps?—with long, communal tables, lots of greenery, and candles. Pretty classy.

Bella Veralis keeps in shape with intermittent fasting and bodyweight workouts

In an exclusive interview with Body+Soul, the 25-year-old said: “A day on a plate for me can vary during the week as opposed to a weekend (weekends for me are full of indulgence – give me all the wine and chocolate)… I walk every day for at least 30 minutes and mix my workouts between the Keep It Cleaner App and Reformer Pilates.”