Everything to know about The Bachelor’s Irena Srbinovska

The Melbourne-based nurse looks to have won Locky’s heart. Here’s everything to know about avid bushwalking, dog-loving, 31-year old finalist Irena Srbinovska. 

The finale of The Bachelor 2020 is finally upon us… and tonight Locky Gilbert will choose between his top two girls – Irena Srbinovska and Bella Veralis. There has been much speculation around who makes it to his top four, his top two, and even who he chooses at the end – with some pretty wild theories kicking the drama a notch along the way.

On the eve of the big night, we’re zooming in on the woman who the bookies are placing their bets on – let’s get to know the 31-year old Melbourne-based nurse who just be the last girl standing…

Irena Srbinovska is a Melbourne girl, but loves to travel

The front-runner is based in Melbourne, and seems very close to her family. Although she loves to travel, by the look of her Instagram account, she is happily based in the Victorian capital with a career and supportive network of friends and family. Her over protective brother Igor may not like his little sister up and moving to Bali for six months a year…

Irena Srbinovska is a nurse, and proud of it

Irena has posted that she is a trained health care worker, celebrating International Nurses Day on her Instagram account by saying “Life as a nurse is messy, challenging and an endless cycle of shift work but it’s also the most rewarding and inspiring job. I am so proud to call myself a nurse and I am so blessed to be surrounded by such incredible nurses everyday.”

Irena Srbinovska is coeliac, and follows a plant-based diet

Irena shared exclusively with Body+Soul that she is a diagnosed coeliac, and so doesn’t eat gluten. She has also revealed that she recently adopted a plant-based diet, and has felt positive effects from doing so. She said of the switch “Since going plant based, I have found that I have more energy, my overall health is so much better and my weight is far more consistent.”

A standard day-on-a-plate involves:

“Because of my work schedule and shift work, my routine is different every day. I always start my day with my almond latte – I’m a total caffeine addict. Then I don’t really eat until lunch. Lunch is always my biggest meal, typically rice with Mexican beans and a salsa, and dinner would be a salad with some tofu that I dress with my quick go-to satay.

I’m a snacker, I’m always eating and I always carry nuts and fruit. I never leave the house without a snack in my bag.

For dessert I do have a sweet tooth, I love a chocolate chia pudding topped with coconut yoghurt and berries.”

Irena Srbinovska is an avid exerciser, especially outdoors

“Pre-COVID, I was doing my regular hikes plus cycle classes and reformer Pilates. Now I’m relying on my Fitbit app for some exercises to do at home plus I do my one hour walk a day. Being in Melbourne we are still in lockdown, so no gym classes yet.”

Irena Srbinovska has previously suffered with anorexia

A family member reportedly told So Dramatic host Megan Pustetto that the finalist had sadly suffered from eating disorder anorexia in the past, a fact that made ‘skinny shaming’ by fellow contestant Bella Veralis all the more painful.

Irena Srbinovska wants a family with Locky

Irena has not been shy about admitting her feelings for The Bachelor, saying “I have fallen head over heels crazy for Locky. I see him as my husband, the father of my children.”

Irena Srbinovska is a proud dog mama

Her golden retriever puppies Leo and Maggie are the sunshine of her life; nabbing a mention in her Instagram bio as well as regular snaps during walks with them on her grid.