Healthy ways to rev up your sex drive

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Upgrade your morning smoothie

Elle Macpherson’s supplement blend uses Chinese and traditional herbs and extracts to boost libido, sperm motility, prostate health and energy.

WelleCo The Super Booster Men’s Libido + Endurance, $90,

Any excuse for chocolate

Research shows dark chocolate can help improve dopamine levels and blood flow, as well as your mood – all of which can help boost your sex drive.

Hey Tiger Dreamy Dark, $13.50,

Shape up for sex

Tone your pelvic floor to increase sexual sensation and improve your orgasms.

Lovehoney Oscillating Textured Duo Ben Wa Balls, $16.95,

Take to the herbs

Add this powerful blend of herbs to your morning coffee or smoothie to reap the benefits promised on the label: libido, stamina and bliss.

Orchard St Elixir Powder No.2 Lovers, $38,

Try a massage

Unlike any other sex toy, the Melt uses pulsating waves and subtle changes in air pressure to gently massage without actually touching.

Melt by We-Vibe, $189.95,

Lube up

This organic aloe-vera-based personal lubricant will smooth your path to intimacy.

Unbound Jelly, $23,

Hijack your diet

Omega-3 fatty acids can aid in increasing dopamine levels, which improves blood flow, making for better orgasms. Find them in oily fish like sardines.

Ortiz Sardines in Olive Oil, $12,

It starts with your hormones

Restore and balance your hormonal health to support overall sexual wellbeing.

JS Health Hormone + PMS Support, $49.99,

The power of plant medicine

This potent herbal extract uses adaptogens and plant medicine to support adrenal health, libido, hormone balance and stamina.

Superfeast Jing Adrenal Tonic, $58,