Hinge makes video dating less awkward with new icebreaker prompts

The dating game has changed a lot since the beginning of the pandemic. But we humans are a resilient bunch and have found ways to adapt even the most challenging of times.

When COVID shut the world down a year ago, the dating game changed, perhaps forever and maybe for the better. Isolation was particularly challenging for singles, who turned to video dating on apps to satisfy that human connection that was otherwise pretty much impossible.

Indeed, close to 70 percent were open to video dating during the pandemic, and 40-52 percent (depending on whether you ask dating apps Tinder or Hinge) intend on video dating after the pandemic ends. Singles appreciate the many upsides to a video date, too, according to a recent Hinge survey.

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First of all, it saves time. Now that life in Australia is back to relatively normal, finding time in our schedules to plan an in-person date can be an obstacle because we have to spend time getting ready and travelling to the destination.

A video date also saves a HEAP of money. According to Hinge, one in three Aussie Hinge users spend, on average, $100 on a first date. But a video date is totally free.

Finally, if you’re stuck with someone you don’t click with, leaving an in-person date can be kinda tricky, whereas a video date makes it a lot easier to end a date if there’s no chemistry.

Major obstacle though: You might think a video date is going to be awkward (indeed, 58 percent of responders to Hinge’s survey thought so), which is what prompted Hinge’s new icebreaker feature that launched this week.

Video Prompts shows conversation starters during video chat in a bid to cut through the awkwardness so potential matches can get to know each other without having to think too hard.

“You select from one of eight unique themes, and once a theme is picked, the collection has five Prompts for the daters to ask each other,” says Hinge.

“From warming up the conversation with basics about each other to interactive Prompts where you go on a mini scavenger hunt at home, Video Prompts brings you closer together with your date by discussing topics you might not have discussed on your own.”