Internet is scratching its head after woman claims fiance ‘forgot’ he proposed 9 months prior

After seven months of organising her dream wedding, this (almost) bride was gobsmacked to find out her ‘fiance’ had no recollection at all of proposing. Talk about uncomfy.

There is a reason Shakespeare once famously wrote of love to be “the smoke raised with the fumes of sighs”.

One woman arguably can relate to this sentiment as she entailed how her ‘fiance’ didn’t realise he had proposed nine months prior, within a social media post.

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“Why would I propose to a woman I’m not even dating?”

The woman had always thought of his proposal to be a “spur of the moment decision” as he didn’t have a ring, and assumed it would just come later. She explained, “All that matters is we have each other.”

When mentioning to (who she thought to be) her fiance that she was going wedding dress shopping after SEVEN months of wedding planning, the woman was met with a look from him as if she “had five heads”.

It was then shockingly revealed to her that he had no memory of proposing to her, and that perhaps they relationship was very much a one-sided thing from the get-go…

The ‘fiance’ said to the woman, “Why would I propose to a woman I’m not even dating?”

Way to let her down easy. Sheesh.

A a matrimonial plan

The woman seemed open to advice, continuing within her post that she was not sure what she should do and was “thinking of tricking him into coming to our wedding and just seeing what happens.”

Was gaslighting at play?

Seven noted the mixed reads of the puzzling situation by Reddit users. With some finding fault in the almost bride’s interpretation as cause for the confusion:

“She probably said something clever or cute and the guy said ‘Will you marry me?’ tongue in cheek.”

“It’s gotta be that… like she grabbed him a snack while she was up and he said ‘Ugh marry me’ or something and she ran with it.”

While others thought a more sinister reason for the mix-up could be at play:

“Everyone’s talking about how [bizarre] the woman is, but no one is talking about how the dude might have been gaslighting her the whole time.”

“I 100% believe this could happen because more than one boyfriend has asked me to marry him (either drunk and/or sociopath).”

“If I were a bit more naive I could see myself taking it seriously. But yeah, some guys DO do this. Not normal guys, but some guys.”

Either way, we hope she finds happiness with someone else who gives her a memorable and meaningful proposal (for both parties) in the future.