Is spelling ‘coconut’ the secret to great sex?

If being on top has you wondering ‘what should I be doing with my hips?’, this could be your answer.

Apparently, the secret to great sex is all in the spelling. At least, it is according to this viral internet trend which actually began in 2019 but it’s reemerged on TikTok in the past week.

And while we’d normally take the advice the internet provides us with a grain of salt because a) it could be complete BS or b) be kinda dangerous, this one seems to have legs…proverbially speaking.

If you’re a woman on top (in the cowgirl position), simply spell out ‘coconut’ with your hips. The circular motion is meant to provide all-round stimulation and spreads sensation around the entire genital area, encouraging blood flow to the area and making you extra sensitive.

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The idea of tracing letters of the alphabet with various body parts during sexual intercourse is nothing new.

Writing the alphabet with a tongue on a woman’s vulva, known as the ABC Method according to Urban Dictionary, is a common recommendation, though focusing in on a single letter may prove to be more pleasurable.

Of course, sex is different for everyone and what works for you may not work for the next person.

“People often ask me for the best sex positions or blow job tips and I never answer which is best because that would be negligent and exclusive,” sex coach Georgia Grace previously told Body+Soul.

“Each person has a sexual fingerprint, and we must expand this narrow and linear view that all women like the same things when it comes to sex.”