Leaked photos of Elly and Becky Miles’ finalists

An entertainment site has leaked photos of the finalists from Elly and Becky Miles’ season of The Bachelorette Australia 2020.

It wasn’t far into the season when information was leaked revealing The Bachelor 2020’s winner. (ICYMI, Locky Gilbert chose nurse Irena Srbinovska). And now, the same has happened to Elly and Becky Miles’ season of The Bachelorette Australia 2020.

Elly’s final three and Becky’s final four have been revealed in leaked paparazzi photos published on entertainment news site The Walsh (see the photos here).

The images, which are from filming back in August, show Bachelorette contestants Adam Todd, Adrian Baena, Frazer Neate, Joe Woodbury, Pete Mann, Sam Vescio and Shannon Karaka all walking out of the mansion together.

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The 7 leaked finalists of The Bachelorette Australia 2020

And since Elly and Becky have confirmed they don’t catfight over the same guy, Adam, Joe (whom Elly knew before the show) and Frazer are likely to be the finalists in the quest for Elly’s heart, while Adrian, Pete, Sam and Shannon are gunning for Becky’s heart.

Whoever they do end up with, the sisters have both confirmed in an exclusive interview with Body+Soul that they are still very much in love.

“I can say that we both chose someone at the end, and we’re both in happy places and I think the journey to love, I think that was always the end goal but in the end I just want time with my person on the outside to live a bit of a normal life and explore that,” Becky told Healthy-ish podcast host Alison Izzo.

And Elly confirmed this: “This was my thing; I just want something real at the end of the day and [I] was like, ‘I don’t want you feel like you have to tell me you love me just because we’re on The Bachelorette’, I just want something real, and I want to end up with someone that I want to be with, and they want to be with me, and we can give life a real proper crack together… and yeah, I guess I can say that’s what I got and I’m really happy. And Bec too.”

So, who do you think the two lucky men are?