No good at sexting? Slutbot can help you with that

Do you consider yourself a terrible flirt? Do you freeze up when someone sends you a sexy text? You’re certainly not alone, but new innovations in what the New York Times dubbed “flirt-tech” are teaching adults how to sext.

“Do you like it when I play with your nipples?” is a text I received a few minutes ago. No, not through a dating app or from a long-distance partner, but from a robot.

I’ve never considered myself to be good at flirting. In fact, you might say I’m superbly average at it. The same goes for sexting; I never know what to say or if what I’m saying is even remotely sexy. I feel awkward, self-conscious, and terrified my mum might be an accidental recipient.

But like almost everything in life, getting good takes practice, and that’s where Slutbot comes in: it’s a free, interactive service where you can practice the delicate art of sexting and improve communicating your desires in a safe, completely private space via Messenger (for those of us outside of the US and Canada).

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To start, you have to enter your age, gender, and sexual preference. Slutbot can cater to everyone; men, women, non-binary, straight, gay, etc.

Then it’ll ask you whether you want Slow & Gentle or Hot & Sexy (I went with Hox & Sexy because why not just jump in the deep end?) and we begin our first conversation – or ‘flow’ as it’s called.

Slutbot breaks the ice by ‘reminiscing’ about one of our fictitious liaisons. “Do you want to know my favourite part?” ‘he’ asks. From there, the banter gets pretty explicit but never feels tacky or vulgar, and Slutbot is conscious of the issue of consent.

“Do you like it when I…” or “How does that sound?” are examples of Slutbot being direct and respectful throughout our ‘flow’.

There is also a built-in safety feature, the safeword “pineapple” that you can use at any time if you feel uncomfortable or want to end the flow and writing “slutbot” will ignite a new one.

Not a bad way to spend an evening, if I’m honest.