Sex toys for parts of your body you’d never even thought to stimulate

Sex coach Georgia Grace says any part of your body can be an erogenous zone, but it’s so frequently overlooked during sex or masturbation. It’s time to get to know yourself better.  

When it comes to pleasure, most of us default to thinking it only takes place ‘down there’, but the reality is there is a lot more to sex and masturbation than just your genitals. Orgasm can be incredibly an intense and holistic experience when you explore your body.

Sex coach Georgia Grace explains why this is the case and shares her tips for achieving a deeper orgasmic state, as well as some of her favourite devices to help get you there.

Body+Soul: Why do people solely focus on genitalia when it comes to sex toys?

Georgia Grace: Sex toys for the genitals are fun and are really useful for people to explore or deepen orgasmic states. As a whole, we still have a very linear, heteronormative (and restrictive) idea that sex is only about the genitals.

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When I suggest to people that sex is so much more than two naked bodies penetrating each other, they are often perplexed by the concept, because so much of their education and experience of sex involves focusing on their genitals. They often haven’t thought of investing in toys for full-body pleasure.

What are the dangers of forgetting other body parts?

By not including the whole body in the experience you’re reducing your full body capacity for pleasure. Sure, you can ‘pump one out quickly’ and that’s great! But there is so much more to sex and masturbation than just stimulating the genitals.

By inviting other body parts into the experience, you become more creative, less goal-focused, more curious and more orgasmic. Full-body experiences are some of the best you’ll have.

What are the most underrated/forgotten parts of the body to stimulate?

In the right context with the right kind of touch, any part of your body can be an erogenous zone, so this will be different for everyone. By slowing the touch right down and exploring with curiosity and different types of stimulation, even the most underrated or not typically sexual part of the body can experience deep pleasure. A few common surprises I hear from clients – hands, backs, neck, lips, stomach and legs.

My favourite sex toys for stimulating body parts other than genitalia

  • The classic wand can be used over the whole body.
  • A blindfold. It’s so affordable and can do SO much to awaken your senses.
  • Wax play and in combination with ice play, it can be deeply arousing.
  • Tassel whips, floggers or feather teasers.

Georgia Grace is a certified Australian sex coach and educator. Follow her on Instagram or check out her website for more information and advice.