Truth behind Becky Miles ‘awkward’ first on-screen kiss

Bachelorette Becky Miles’ first on-screen kiss with contestant Shannon Karaka was labelled ‘awkward’, but there’s a valid reason as to why it was such an ‘uncomfortable’ moment.

If you happened to tune into last week’s second episode of The Bachelorette Australia, you definitely would’ve noticed something quite… odd, to say the least.

After Bachelorette Becky Miles and Shannon Karaka enjoyed a fun farm date, the two settled down in front of a romantic fire for a chat, which then led to a kiss and then a rose.

Becky was clearly pleased, as she said: “I think there’s definitely a spark and butterflies there with Shannon.”

“We’re definitely on the same kind of timeline. We’re both the same age. We’re kind of ready to just find our person.”

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But viewers were quickly to comment on the lengthy kiss being ‘awkward’ and ‘uncomfortable’.

“Becky is straight up reminding me how weird dates are and how horrifically uncomfortable it is to kiss someone in front of people,” one viewer tweeted.

Another simply said: “That kiss was so uncomfortable to watch. #BacheloretteAU.”

Others tweeted, “Shannon needs some pash lessons”, and “that kiss looked like neither of them had kissed before?”

And the tweets just kept on coming.

“Becky seemed to be trying pretty hard to keep that a closed-mouth kiss and he did not want to let her! Why did the show force me to see his tongue”, another viewer wrote.

But there may be an explanation behind this unforgettable moment in television.

According to the Daily mail, a contestant from the show admitted that apparently Becky’s first on-screen kiss was filmed multiple times.

“[Their kiss] was awkward and cringe – that kiss had to be filmed multiple times, to make it look like they were into it,” the unknown source revealed.

The same source went on to reveal that “Becky was out of her element” and was “so uncomfortable being in this experience.”

“She’s just an average Joe on national television on a dating show. It was very awkward for her, but you don’t see any of that.”

The source went on to admit many of the other contestants claimed “her heart is in the right place and she was trying hard”, with some even feeling “sorry” for her and the tough time she had filming the show.

“I helped her so much through the series and you don’t see none of it.”

Tbh, if these claims are true then we really don’t blame Becky for feeling uncomfortable with sharing such an intimate moment with the entire country.