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In a long list of humiliating things that happen after birthing a child, loss of bladder control is definitely up there. Show of hands who has heard a mum mutter “Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be jumping anytime soon”.

This is where kegel exercises come in, which sex therapist Chantelle Otten highly recommends for women during pregnancy and after birth.

“During pregnancy, the uterus grows, which puts a lot of stress on the pelvic floor muscles causing them to weaken,” she explains. “A weakened uterus can make labour even more difficult, so incorporating kegel exercises can help the process. Don’t forget to continue doing your kegel exercises post-birth, as this will help strengthen your pelvic floor and prevent bladder issues.”

And yes, we all know to do them but how do we actually keep ourselves accountable? The answer: kegel balls.

What are kegel balls?

Thrust into the mainstream thanks to Broad City and 50 Shades, these small weighted balls go into the vagina helping to strengthen, tighten and tone your pelvic floor muscles.

“In women, pelvic floor muscle supports the womb, bladder and bowel. Located between your legs and running from your pubic bone at the front, to the base of your spine at the back, the pelvic floor is also important when it comes to great sex,” explains Otten. “We all know if you don’t regularly exercise muscles, they can weaken with age, so it is essential to work your pelvic floor to not only maintain overall wellness but have better and more intense orgasms.”

Now you’re sold, here Otten explains how to use them:

How to use kegel balls:

Before using your kegel balls, make sure to wash them in hot, soapy water or with a spritz of Sex Toy Cleaner.

To make inserting your kegel balls a little easier and help hold them in place, apply a water-based lubricant on to the balls and also to the entrance of your vagina.

Next, gently insert the first ball by pressing it against the opening to the vagina until it slides in, once inserted press the second ball against your vagina opening.

Once the balls are inside you, your body will automatically hold them inside. However, feel free to push them in further until you feel comfortable. If your kegel balls have a loop or cord, this should always remain outside the body.

Most kegel balls come with exercises / homework for you to do. For instance the Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Toner Set, has a workout that you should do three times a day.

Kegel balls can also be worn pretty much everywhere, so you can multitask by popping one in while you’re doing your housework or walking to shops.

Types of kegel balls to look out for:

There are so many kegel balls available on the market. A great one for your pelvic floor is the Elvie Rechargeable App Controlled Kegel Exercise Trainer, which is essentially a PT workout for your sex organs. Kegel balls will help tighten your vagina and keep the pelvic floor toned and healthy while strengthening the intensity of orgasms. Once synced with your smartphone, you can use the app to track your training progress. This toy is ingenious as it uses technology to offer real-time guidance, visualising your pelvic floor movements using biofeedback which helps guide you through the exercises and tracks your progress.

If you’re intrigued by squirting strong pelvic floor muscles are crucial so try a Kegel Training Set. The action of squirting can come down to how much your pelvic floor contracts during orgasm, so using a training set will allow you to strengthen this.

Pelvic floor kegel ball workout to try:

Once the ball is in, hold the contraction for five seconds, then relax for another five seconds. Repeat this five times in a row to complete one set. Do this three times a day.

Speak to professionals

Otten warns that if you are young and two fingers slide into your vagina and the walls of the vagina feel tight around them, then you do NOT need to do Kegel exercises. If you do, we might make your muscles too tight, which could end up being a problem for your sex life and could make sex painful. So, she only recommends kegel balls for those who need it, not anyone and everyone. Therefore make sure you speak to a healthcare professional before undertaking anything new.

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