Women, it’s time to close the masturbation gap

Not entirely surprising, a survey of several thousand men and women across the world found a huge gap between the frequency of masturbation. This Equal Masturbation Day, celebrate your sexuality with some self-love and zero shame.

While men’s self-pleasure has been relatively normalised in popular culture with movies like American Pie (as a rite of passage) and There’s Something About Mary (something to be expected), women have largely been left out of the conversation, with a few exceptions.

Is it because women just don’t pleasure themselves as much as their male counterparts?

A recent survey of 6,000 people from 12 countries found there was a significant gap between Australian men and women when it comes to frequency of self-gratification: an enormous 65 percent difference.

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Womanizer, a vibrator brand, found that on average, women masturbate just 54 times per year, while men masturbate an average of 155 times per year. That’s three times as much, translating to once versus three times per week.

It’s not entirely clear why this is the case, it could simply be due to the historical suppression of female sexuality (see notes above on pop culture) and stigma; women just don’t want to admit they do it.

Whatever the reason, it’s unfortunate this gap exists, because regardless of your gender, self-gratification is important to sexual health and overall mental wellbeing.

By establishing Equal Masturbation Day, Victorian MP and Reason Party Leader, Fiona Patten wants to shed light on the gap and break down those societal stigmas.

“We’re all doing it, but there’s no reason why women shouldn’t be exploring self-pleasure just as often as their male counterparts,” she says.

“The notion that “men are simply hornier” is an anti-feminist and dated notion with no validity – we need to combat these taboos to drive sex-positive conversations that benefit us all.”

Womanizer’s Head of Sexual Empowerment, Johanna Rief, Equal Masturbation Day stresses the importance of self-pleasure for all Aussies, regardless of gender.

“Masturbation is an important part of sexual wellbeing, but unfortunately, shame, social stigma, and lack of education prevent many women from exploring their own sexuality,” she says.

“Equal Masturbation Day is symbolic of these social barriers and is intended to remind women that it is up to them to take their pleasure into their own hands, literally, and close this gap.

So do your gender proud and engage in some self-pleasure this week. It’s your feminist duty.