Zoe Foster Blake’s new book asks, ‘what happens when you both cheat?’

Countless relationships have ended because of infidelity. Zoe Foster Blake knows this well, it’s happened to her. Now her new book Clean Slate explores what happens when both of you cheat.

Zoe Foster Blake has been cheated on before. She found out one of her exes had been unfaithful the day they arrived on holiday, some “truly disgusting” texts to another girl.

The solution? “There were no flights home for a few days, so I made him sleep outside on a banana lounge until I could get out of there,” she told OK magazine. Good move.

Now, the beloved author, skincare founder, and online best friend of women Australia-wide is exploring the concept of infidelity in her new audiobook, Clean Slate, a novella with Audible.

A story centered on married couple Cam and Holly, who outwardly live the perfect life: A house in the suburbs, two kids, and successful careers. Everything is peachy.

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“‘Til Cam discovers Holly has been having an affair with a colleague. Heartbroken but pragmatic, Cam sees the situation as an opportunity to confess his own infidelity,” the book’s description reads.

Infidelity is something Zoe and her husband Hamish talk about openly, she said recently in an interview with NOVA’s How To… Life podcast.

“We are rock solid and we don’t have the threat of infidelity and I really believe that,” she said.

“But it’s always an interesting conversation. I have the capacity to write about things like this because my life is very blessed and happy and I’m not actually living it.”

Narrated by comedic actor Stephen Curry, Clean Slate ̶written in the midst of Melbourne’s harsh coronavirus lockdowns ̶ poses the question as to whether two cheaters cancel each other out.

In real life, Zoe doesn’t think infidelity necessarily means the end of a relationship, praising Beyonce and Jay Z for moving past a cheating scandal in their marriage.

“I love the idea that you can choose to see infidelity as not the end. Well if you both cheat, does that clean the slate?” she asked.

“No one is on a higher horse.”