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‘Female spoon’ is the sleeping position most likely to lead to divorce

According to a study, you and your partner’s sleeping positions reveal a lot about the health of your relationship.

So, you’re a female and love to spoon your partner? Well, you probably want to find an alternative sleeping position if you don’t want your relationship to end in disaster.

According to a survey conducted by TheDozyOwl, the ‘female spoon’ was found to be the most ‘divorceable’ sleeping position.

The organisation surveyed 4,987 divorced women and 4,786 divorced men to determine whether their preferred sleeping position influenced their marriage ending in divorce.

The study found 86 per cent of respondents admitted to the ‘female spoon’ being the most common sleeping position before filing for divorce.

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In second place came the ‘leg hug’ with 82 per cent of both genders saying this was their most common position during their marriage.

This was then followed by ‘back to back not touching’ at 78 per cent, ‘space hog’ at 73 per cent and then ‘the soldiers’ at 71 per cent.

On the other end of the spectrum, the least ‘divorceable’ sleeping positions proved to be ‘face to face not touching’ at 38 per cent, ‘back to back touching’ at 26 per cent and ‘face to face cuddling’ at 19 per cent.

I mean, it won’t hurt to test out the ‘face to face cuddling’ theory – unless your partner’s a snorer. That’s just a whole other story, tbh.