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How to get real about your mental health

Everyone experiences mental health setbacks from time to time. But champion surfer Tyler Wright has learned it’s OK to embrace discomfort.

As a two-time world champion who sits on top of the leader board for the current season of the World Surfing League Championship Tour, 26-year-old Tyler Wright may appear to have it all. But even world-class athletes suffer anxiety.

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“I think every person experiences mental health [events] at some stage of their life. I don’t like to use the word ‘issues’,” Wright tells Body+Soul.

“I have anxiety. I speak to my psychologist once a week. I haven’t been in the greatest headspace for two years [as she recovered from illness] and coming out of that I struggled with ‘how do I catch up?’ I had to embrace my discomfort. And I learnt that it’s OK to be kind and compassionate to yourself.”