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MAFS Funny launches Shots & Scandals card game

If you’re looking for a fun drinking game to complement your obsession with Married at First Sight, the genius behind iconic Instagram page MAFS Funny, has created just that. So, meet Shots & Scandals…

There’s nothing better than coming home from a tough day at work, sitting down with a glass of wine and watching the drama of Married at First Sight unfold on TV.

But have you ever sat through an episode and thought to yourself ‘what would I be like as a contestant on this show?’, ‘could I make it to the end?’ or ‘how much do I actually know about this show?’

Well, there’s a card game for all of that.

Shots & Scandals is the unofficial drinking game by the person behind the legendary MAFS Funny Instagram page (who is also the mastermind behind Bachie Funny).

“28 cards, 28 scandals and 28 opportunities to see if you’ve got what it takes to live the unashamed life of an Australian reality TV star,” the product description reads.

“There’s challenges, confessions and wild cards that could make or break your fictional future careers as Instagram influencers… will you make it to the end?”

The cards feature “a few familiar faces”, too, so we only hope Ines and Liz made the cut.

It’s probably best to keep this game for Friday and Saturday nights so you don’t end up going to work the next day completely hungover. You’ve been warned.

Head here to place your Shots & Scandals order.