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MYND Studios wants to be F45 for the meditation

2020 will certainly be remembered as the year of burnout. A new mindfulness studio that’s just opened in Sydney offers a “pocket of peace” from the never-ending hustle.

The past 12 months have probably been among the most trying for just about every single human on the planet.

Challenges presented by the pandemic have led to an increase in anxiety, fatigue, and burnout, with 20 percent of Aussies experiencing a mental health condition in the past year.

Basically, we need to start looking after our minds the same way we do our bodies, and a new meditation space in Sydney’s Barangaroo aims to provide a modern, calming environment in which to do that.

MYND Studios is the brainchild of James Harris and Sam Thornton, who both worked fast-paced jobs in the finance sector; two sleep-deprived corporates who, after realising the benefits of meditation, decided to quit that life and instead channel their energy into this latest wellness venture.

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“So many people at the top of their game professionally were advocating the benefits of meditation, and so we tried it for ourselves,” says Harris.

“The results were life-changing and inspired us to make meditation more accessible to everyone, no matter what their experience or preconceived ideas were.”

They also wanted to dispel the stereotype that meditation is “just for hippies”, with a sleek and minimal Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic.

While they note the success of apps like Headspace and Calm, the pair believed it was important to have a dedicated place to go to for meditation, as it creates a stronger sense of purpose and allocates a specific time.

If you meditate at a dedicated space, you are likely to be more focused and achieve better results – very much the same as going to a gym class versus exercising at home alone,” says Harris.

“We believe taking care of yourself mentally is just as important as physically.”

MYND Studios offers a varied schedule of 20, 25-minute meditations per day so you can easily slot it into your schedule, as well as a studio for members to use on their own.

Perhaps most appealing are the Nap Pods, designed to promote “20 minutes of refreshing sleep, with different vibration and light settings to maximise rest.”

Umm, where do we sign up??

Find MYND Studios at 12 Shelley Street, Barangaroo, Sydney.