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The Drummer Queens on the wellness tricks they swear by

In their high-octane performances these ladies are burning huge energy. We set out to find the wellness tips they use to keep it up.

When eight women come together to form a show centered on the art of drumming, you have our attention.

Long held as an assumed monopoly of men, seeing women absolutely kick butt in the percussive world is phenomenal, let alone eight of them all at once.

Designed as a high-octane, high-energy experience, The Drummer Queens is an all-female drumming show that involves – you guessed it – lots of drumming mixed with dance and acrobatics for a quality theatric performance. Let’s just say that these women need to be pretty darn fit to keep up with the demands of their stage presence.

It got us thinking – how do these women keep their power and presence on stage without tiring out? What were their secret hacks and wellness tricks? So we asked. And what they had to say will surprise you.

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If you’re interested to come along to one of the Drummer Queens shows – considering it was such a hit in Sydney – the tour will be in Melbourne in April, Brisbane in May and then going on to Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Wollongong and other regional cities as well. Find out more here.

Peta Anderson: Essential Oils

Peta is one of Australia’s leading Tap dancers, and is taking the world by storm by combining her knowledge in both Irish and Tap dance styles to create unique rhythms. She choreographed the show.

“I love essential oils and how they help me wind down after a show using my diffuser. To get to sleep I love DoTerra lavender peace but during the day a blend of lemongrass, eucalyptus and peppermint is my go to!”

Stef Furnari: Astra 8

She’s been a drummer since she was 11 years old, and has kept it up ever since. Stef toured widely with Marcia Hines and has also played on the X-Factor.

“I used to have a very weak immune system and I started to take the vitamin Astra 8 many years ago and not long after I started taking that vitamin I stopped getting sick. I rarely get sick anymore since introducing that vitamin to my diet. I take this on a daily basis and it is part of my daily routine.”

Georgia Anderson: Foam rollers and magnesium

Both a tap dancer and a drummer, Georgia is what they call a ‘triple-threat’ and is passionate about the performing arts.

“Foam Rollers & Magnesium powder!! My recovery weapons of choice. Rolling out before yoga or after a show helps me release tension, particularly in my quads. I take magnesium powder during a show to help relax my muscles, so that I’m not (too) sore the next day.”

Ned Wu: Access Consciousness

A talented rock drummer, Ned has toured internationally at a range of festivals and shows. She has also been a member of various rock bands throughout her career.

“Dr Joe Dispenza guided meditations definitely help me to remain grounded and centered. I also love to give and receive an Access Consciousness Bars session at least once every week or two, which is a relaxing treatment that is the best way I have found to relieve stress instantly.”

Niki Johnson: Tea and Turmeric

Niki is a contemporary percussionist, and has done a lot of freelance work throughout her career. Her passion is for collaborative performances that are more inventive in style.

“Drinking peppermint or ginger tea every day, and morning porridge with turmeric if I am organised!”

Lisa Purmodh: Nature and herbs (Irish moss, sorrel, sarsaparilla, moringa)

An internationally celebrated drummer and percussionist in Reggae, Afro-Funk, Soul, Blues, Roots, Soca, Soul, R&B, Dancehall, Funk, and Calypso music, Lisa has been drumming since she was six.

“I swear by getting into the ocean and sun. I like plenty of herbs, for example, sarsaparilla, moringa, Irish moss, sorrel… finding time to connect to nature.”

Salina Myat: A litre of coconut water

A recent graduate at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Salina has been a part of multiple orchestras. She also loves to write on the side and is a contributor for Cut Common.

“I usually have a litre of coconut water side stage/during rehearsals to keep my electrolytes and sugar up without overdoing it.”

Claudia Wherry: Meditation

A percussionist with an interest in Japanese taiko drums, Claudia is currently completing her Honours degree in music at UNSW. She has toured across Australia and internationally.

“I really enjoy meditation! Unfortunately I’m not very good at remembering to do it consistently, so it’s definitely not yet part of my routine, but whenever I do it I can really notice a difference in my focus and energy levels throughout the day.”